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quarta-feira, 26 de abril de 2017

Many reasons to avoid fretting

So, we've finished binge-watching '13 reasons why', the much talked about Netflix production. 
I'm not sure if it's Google's algorithm spy or the tv show is really the hype of the season, but it seems to be all over the place (aka my Twitter and Facebook timelines). Always with alarmist reviews and harsh criticism, the news build an expectancy that the show doesn't deliver. Unfortunately.
The Mary Sue
Well, it didn't Clay... 
And this speach... Oh please...

For me, it was like Mad men: something I had to watch so I'd hate with a reason. For my hubs it was like 90210: something to despise. (Let me take a moment here to say that I was a Brandon fan way back when I watched the original 90210.)

13 reasons have so many plot holes that I gave up paying close attention around episode 9, snoozed on 10, dragged myself till 13. 

Oh, what a relief it was over!

Let me explain: the dead girl starts pretty lively, the only 'problem' she has is a one friend that moves away. I thought: well, that happened to me... Mmmm... 
And then, the boy she fancies is a jerk. Ok, everyone has had a fuck boy in some degree. Not good, of course, she breaks again and rebuilds just like characters in Lego movie. I thought: well, she broke and rebuilt, probably there's a missing piece that they're not showing the audience yet. 12 (very long) episodes to go, we've seen a character go from sunny in a movie- mere 120 minutes.
But she broke and rebuilt perfectly well over and over, just like animated Lego. Shouldn't she be depressed - her mom said she didn't notice her daughter was depressed - or is suicide an easy enough decision one takes after a bad day?
And let´s not talk about the bad guy being rich and a good athlete...
And the boyfriend who sells his girl NOT being called a rapist...
And the skinny weird boy being said boyfriend - THE hot guy is school...
And why didn't the dead girl (alive at the time) use her phone to call for help as she witnessed her former friend being raped for those long moments?
And the actually depressed and troubled boy not being identified as such? I mean, tough cop dad obviously bullying the kid - do we need more?
And please someone reading this take time to explain to me why the girl after seeing her friend being raped willingly enters the rapist's house, undress to her underwear and awckwardly lounges in a hot tub with two couples when the only other single guy was the rapist himself? How does that make sense in any universe?
Does the book make sense?
Should I waste my time in it?
The only good logical sane issue on 13 reasons why that I found is on 'The Mary Sue' that I'm now following on Twitter.

I hate when something that rose so many expectations turns out to be a huge frustration... Hate it, hate it.

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