& Moira Bianchi: MANicure

quinta-feira, 13 de abril de 2017


Today I visited my manicure salon, a small nail shop filled with women- both workers and clients. But unlike most days, a man had an appointment.
I've seen men there before, it's not a totally foreign situation. The few male regulars there are old men but today it was a top notch specimen. Tall, dark and handsome, shirt and tie, phone glued to his ear and not an ounce of homosexuality showing. 

Guess what happened? All girls were instantly giggling and whispering, glancing his way and grinning... oh, dear! 

I considered it weird because he had a hand appointment... Can't see that as anything other than buzz killer. Feet, ok. A man can have his feet treated, nails locked inside shoes all the time are a disgrace, but hands?... I was afraid the perfectly handsome guy would use clear nail polish or - God forbid - sheer white. *shudder* Luckly the technician took him to the other side of the shop.
Why did I think it so awful? Maybe because I have in my mind an image of men with clear shiny nail polish, jewels, mustache and a creepy grin. Eewww...

Some women may think that appealing, probably his girl likes his hands well cared; there are even romance novels portraying manicured heroes. There are all kinds of people, right?
But me, no... Way, no!

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