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quinta-feira, 6 de abril de 2017

A friend is...

Today I heard two things:
1- A friend is someone who has all the reasons to give up on you and doesn't.
2- The key to live well is to accept whatever comes your way.
In a perverse twisted way, these two truths complement each other - at least as I see it. And still they are not as truthful laws as they seem.

I do have friends who have given me a handful of reasons to give them up, and I didn't. I guess mostly because they didn't give up on me. Of course we carry scars, but those aren't bigger than the love we nurture. 
Other people I did give up. With grief, yes, but  complete aware it was for the best because I've been ditched along the way. I could make an extra effort and work on a comatose friendship but you know what? It's ok to miss the person (or the memory of the friendship) and still not want him/her around. It's even ok to keep liking someone you don't want too close.
Maybe THAT will bring me to the second truth: accepting.
Should I accept everything without a fight? 
Shouldn't I try to change what I CAN?
Yeah, I don't know... Maybe I'm not in the acceptance stage of emotional development, I'm still moved by reds and blues are hard to achieve sometimes. 
I guess the only truthful truth is that what's the best for me may not be right for you. That's where the actual law of life begins: people are different and we should accept that.
Look at that!

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