sábado, 25 de março de 2017

I am appalled

Man, what a Saturday...
If you by any chance got my last post, you won't be surprised to hear that said Austen project is crumbling...

In fact, I suppose it's a stratagem to kick me out, but as I don't want to seem too self-centered, I'll wait in the wings! ;)

Oh, dear... I think it's mostly due to the leader's lack of leadership... 

But in fact, it's very entertaining to see haters hate! Ha!

No worries, soon the short story will be here and in a little time, it'll be a lovely small book and e-book of about... 120 pages. Really all fluff and Austen love. :D

I'll leave with Ms. Simpson's wise words in Mr. Cullum's lovely voice.

sexta-feira, 24 de março de 2017

The pains of having patience

This year I've been wandering far from Austen. 

It's not done easily, I carry I heavy heart, feel guilty for writing and falling for new heroes who I do not call Darcy. Aside all the discussion on making an hommage or taking advantage of the classic, most of all I love Pride and Prejudice and rejoice in imagining its characters in new adventures.

But lately I've been writing about other people. Princesses in my new series in Portuguese, cat lovers in Nameless, crispy new ideas bursting in my mind... All off Austen romances.

And in the midde of this personal connundrum, I got involved in an Austen anthology. Because I felt guilty? Perhaps. Because I didn't want to be that far from Darcy? Certainly. It was one of those things that you know will give you more headache than fun, but still you get into.

Inside it, it's a mess! Not because people think differently - in fact, I take pleasure in different views because I think it's potentially food for another character - but because people can't stand that I don't agree with everything... I'm not an expert in the matter, but I've put a few books out there. As much as I don't want to teach anything to anyone uninterested of hearing, I suppose I am allowed to avoid mistakes. 

Urgh, how frustrating!

My story, an Austenland kind of funny bit, was by far the best one and will probably land here - both in Portuguese and English. Still, it's a project doomed for crash landing... Sad.

I miss having Austen fun with friends.


Bite my belly


so, after a long time away from my blog, I'm commiting myself to post at least once a day for a month. There's this VEDA thing, so I'll try a PEDA. Ha!

Let me not start on that, I'll have plenty of posts to mumble. 
Now I'd like to talk about Beauty and the Beast and its brouhaha.

First, I feel a bit awkward about posting my view on the Disney revamp because coincidentally I just released a book in Portuguese inspired by the old tale. It's a big project for me, kinda of a challenge I gave myself to write 6 romances frugally inspired by fairy tales - Beauty and the beast, Cinderella, Little mermaid, Little red riding hood, Snow white and Sleeping beauty. Although Cinderella was written before the others, Beauty and the beast start the series. I talked about the release dates with several literature friends and was convinced it was not 'ugly' to let my book out near the very famous movie. Still I feel awkward.

Anyway, I watched the movie this week and thought it a bit frustrating... It's a revamp! I read about it, why did it frustrate me to watch the same scenes from the cartoon? Can't say... Guess I expected a lot more, dazzling CGI, enchantment as in Cinderella, a compelling story line as in the 2014 movie, don't know.

But oh, how beautiful it is! The Beast's castle is breathtaking. I loved it! Gaton's tavern (I know it's not his, but it his big scene) is as cool as the one at DisneyWorld.

And we arrived at the belly bite... Oh, how much brouhaha about LeFou... Kudos to Disney for at least acknowledging there are gay people in the world but was it necessary to make a show out of it? Interviews, discussions, etc, etc... And he was the silly one enfatuated by someone who dispises him - I understood they had a romantic liaison like Gaston was the ultimate fuck boy. Couldn't LeFou be gay and have a healthy relationship?
Fuck boy bit his belly... Huh! :/

My friends said that if I told anyone what I really thought about the movie, they'd do horrible things to me (can't exactly remember what I was threatened with) but, in short, I liked Cinderella best.

See ya.

quarta-feira, 1 de março de 2017


é o primeiro romance da minha primeira série

Um romance encorpado e emocionante contando como duas feras se apaixonam e lutam para fazer o que sentem virar sua realidade.

Aqui, Cibele poderia ser a Bela que por acaso conhece uma Fera enigmática, um homem discreto e lacônico à procura de um ghost writer. Ao contactar o pai de Cibele, Petrônio se depara com uma bela fera loura, mulher decidida e bonita como aquelas de capa de revista, mas que infelizmente é muito nova para ele e incapaz de lutar contra seus limites emocionais, ele se afasta. 
Quando se encontram novamente, a ocasião e a emoção são grandes demais para resistir.

Os dois têm talentos ocultos,
o romance têm muitas rosas e 
muita coisa boa os unindo, tipo...

Para ler o primeiro capítulo
vai no Wattpad...

Para ler tudinho e se apaixonar, vem aqui!

quarta-feira, 15 de fevereiro de 2017

Hard working

just realized it's been ages since my last post here, athough I've been very busy.

I'm working hard to make 2017 good enough to wash away 2016 shitty business and that consumes time.

I started the year releasing the revised and extended versions of  LOVE IN THREE ACTS.

Then my first series (in Portuguese) PRINCESAS POSSÍVEIS - something like Possible Princesses as in relgular women who could, for a magical moment, be compared to fairy tale princesses.

Aside from that, there are other projects, new ideas, family, etc...

Will try to be better here, promisse.


segunda-feira, 26 de dezembro de 2016

Just one more try

So, I've said it soon enough... 2016 can't stop being horrible.
I'm terrified to write this even...

George Michael
no, 2016, no!

I have so much to say about my favorite artist ever that I seem to be unable to find words. How ironic.

His song was love at first chord for me, I fell in love with his work without even seeing his wavy blond hair and funny smile. Always thought it funny, how he smiled (professional smiles, maybe) with his upper teeth perfectly aligned with his lower as if preparing a bite. I'm smiling here but if I don't concentrate, a few tears my escape me - and I think: why would I be so sad for a person I didn't actually know?

I know the impression his work made in my life, my growing musical taste, the parties and dreams rocked by his voice. The sole concert I watched, oh dear... I remember singing in screams, loving every little second. 

When a friend told me about his passing yesterday, I felt overwhelming sadness and then guilt for not being more tuned to what he was up to. But do fans have to like everything a favorite artist produces? I'm not talking about his private life, who he loved and how or where. In my second book he is there in a big live concert and one of the characters say (not about him, take notice): 'Who you fuck don't determine who you are.' I doesn't. George Michael never stopped being the oh-so-cool-and-talented-George-Michael to me.

My thoughts on his passing were: I'll write him a mashup! My humble talent as writer united with his magic... But the only song that comes to my mind is 'One more try' that could even fit the WIP I'm dealing now, Snow White version for my Portuguese series of modern fairy tales but I'm so sad... Bianca and Caê don't deserve such gloominess.

So I'll give my sorrow a few days and my hommage to his talent will come, hopefully from Fastlove. 
For now, I can only say I'm devasted.

Because there ain´t no joy
for a Brazilian girl
whose teacher her taught her goodbye

sábado, 24 de dezembro de 2016

Let it go

Hello, there.
This time of the year usually make us very nostalgic, maybe Christmas Eve is not as powerful as December, 31st but 2016 brought such a turmoil that I'm looking forward to its end.

I'm not THAT desperate as to sing Elsa from Arendelle, this 'let it go' comes from Baroness Karen von Blixen-Finecke. As a young girl renting VHS tapes in my small home town, Out of Africa was the movie that touched me the deepest because I felt Karen's helplessness. As a teenager in a weird hair phase, I felt for her but more than that it was her struggle to tame both her farm and Dennys Finch Hatton's heart that tugged on me. At the time I thought Meryl Streep's long white face influenced me (it was the first time I saw her), but now I see it's the eloquence in the realization of failure.
A scene I never forget is when in a sudden downpour, the lake she had been trying so hard to build doesn't hold. The employees hurry to rebuild the fragile sand walls and she sighs, hangs her head and says a guttural: 'Let it go, let it go.'
I always remember that.

This is a perfect illustration of 2016.

We had an impeachment of a deeply incompetent lady President (let me not mumble about lost women empowerment opportunities here), saw the Supreme Court work almost exclusively to put order on the Congress' brats and then be challenged by the House leader, the biggest and more gruesome embezzlement scandal that ever existed in this planet, a broken country with beggar states that can't afford to pay salaries, unemployment levels go sky high.
How about the Olympics, you may ask. It was great, so much fun... But prices went up to profit from turists and stayed high, the Olympic Park is abandoned, new subway... well, you know: embezzlement, corruption, 2 governors in jail.
The country and Rio de Janeiro state in such chaos, small business like mine are almost impractical. Some days we feel like Rio is one of those Old West cities with hay balls rolling by.

In spite of all this - or probably BECAUSE  of all this, I managed to write almost daily. As soon as 2016 vanishes, I'll have tons of new stuff to brag about. But frankly, I'd rather wait a few more days and try my hand in 2017.

Very bold of me to wander far from Mr Darcy and Lizzy, but I did. Aside from a reviewed version of Love hurts on Kindle Unlimited, I'll release the full version of Eclipse of the heart and the all new Love inside and out completing my Regency Era Trilogy (aka Moira tries to wear petticoats). And then comes the cats! Lovely Persian cats entwining love stories. Let me take a break to say I'm proud of how this book fitted so nicely around itself.
And a much loved reviewed version of Friendship of a special kind with a few new scenes.

In Portuguese there'll be a lot of new stuff as an alternative version of Prince of Pemberley (JAFF) and a new series of modern fairytales. Maybe these princesses will have an English version...

So, as Karen said: Let it go, let it go... 2016 was tough, but we shall live to see 2017.

Happy holidays!
wash away the bad year, Dennis... Make it all go away... :D

Bright and successful New Year!

C ya