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Nano Tales

This is the place to find drops of fun 
with a sweet flavour of times past. 
I have been consumed in a long Brazilian series of Victorian Romances called 'Cupids in Devon' - Cupidos em Devon - that has been inspiring me too much. Enough to pour my ideas in these sweet drops.
Not too big,
Not too many,
Only the right amount to make us smile and dream on.

I started with these small stories when I found the wonderful Met Museum's exhibit 'Dangerous Liaisons' and couldn't hold myself. The marvelous work puts garments and settings together to help us understand the past better. Love it & love it. 
The settings are so perfectly done showing such unexpected situations - risquè sometimes - that my muse was immediately hit with a poweful lightning.
She, my muse, the lovely noir lady smoking from her super long cigarrete holder while smiling mischievously, has found a perfect outlet. 
Short stories, really, really short ones. 
My Victorian series Cupidos em Devon has been fuelling me with tons and tons of research material that often don't make the final story. Sometimes, to write a single dialogue, I research a whole Dukedon lineage, f.e.. Once those few lines are done, with can I do with the 15 pages I gathered?... Well, I save everything.
Now I can put it to paper!

Wiki explains fast fiction, nano tales as short stories of few lines that mostly insinuate a plot. Those should have...
-Lack of detailed descriptions
-Portraits of "life pieces"

Shall we?!

Perfect dress

Artist's courage



And so many more to come...

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