& Moira Bianchi: Harp class - a historial nano tale

segunda-feira, 20 de maio de 2019

Harp class - a historial nano tale

Inspirations is something that comes as a lightning. Either it hits me or it vanishes in thin air.
This time, it was right in my head!

The catalog of a beautiful exhibit gave me the hint, I worked on!
What was I doing? Procrastinating. Working on my day job and the last dream that'll give 9 ways to live Pride and Prejudiciously a lovely wrapping.
But, well, let us smile and travel back in time for a few moments, shall we?
Harp class

‘Oh, outrageous is!' Justine could barely breathe. 'My cousin, the Jezebel in disguise…’ She whispered to herself. ‘So accomplished, dainty fingers that embroider as a nymph, draw as an angel and extract the most delightful sounds of the harp!... The gall! Huh!’ Indecent instrument, unchaste monstrosity tucked between her legs while she caresses the cords, arms in the air exposing her décolletage… Justine made a great effort to swallow air, as much as her tight corset allowed. Perhaps the culprit was the exhilaration of watching her Cousin Valentine’s class, the private education, undivided attention dedicated by the handsome tutor. ‘How close he stands-oh!’ Justine gasped so loud to the point of almost calling attention to her hideaway behind the divider screen. ‘Hand on her waist!’ She clamped her mouth with a hand blushing to the color of the crimson flowers of her rich Chinese silk frock. ‘If he kisses Valentine, I shall scream!’ She promised no one. Deep down Justine dearly regretted the decision of pursuing the glory of being called a pianoforte virtuoso.

* the end *

Mini tale, nanotale ou flash fiction is short, a drop of criativity. Concise, full of subtexts, a window to a bigger plot. 

What Justine says and thinks about the musical instruments I researched in 4 long articles translated from historians and several sources. The main subject is the 'Importance of the piano for a lady's education in Jane Austen's times'. It starts here in case you'd like to take a look and visit the sources, mostly in English.

The Met exhibit, Dangerous Liaisons, is wonderful and casually mentioned in 9 lives to live Pride and Prejudiciously, my latest Pride and Prejudice inspired story (as if the title didn't say enough). The excellent exhibit shows the clothes in amusing settings that begged me to write tales, short ones. As Dr. Stradlin said on Twitter, context is everything.
Visit the exhibit hotlink here.
Buy the catalog here.
One of the first things I remember about visiting the Met is how tired we get... So many wonderful things to see... One day is not enough. 

Read my other NANOTALES here.

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