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terça-feira, 28 de janeiro de 2020

Knowledge - a historical nano tale

My new book is off to revision and beta reading, yay! Soon, probably for Valentines, DIRTY PETTICOATS will be live.

While I wait and bite my nails, I search interesting stuff and found Michel Garnier. How amazing was this 18th century artist!
So, I found a lovely portrait of a lady and her maid and... 

She so much wanted to know the man's answer. Begged and complained, repeated all ugly bad words she knew - very mild, actually. If she had bothered to ask, Mimi the maid, could have been of great help. The fashionable drawing room provided resources to any accomplished & powered girl. 'Tea in a black pot, baguette of crispy and hot, porridge in disgusting goop, all make the lover spill the loot.' Be the man strong minded, a few drops of sour herb syrup in his tea would have to be added, but the lady chose the weakest link of a wealthy family, even simple enchantments would have propelled the wretched letter to arrive sooner. 'Bitter tears, deluded sorrow, better sip cat tail beer, or anger follows.'
Sometimes Mimi confounded her witchcraft rhymes with predictions for the future. Maybe, if she knew her letters & numbers, she could include ideas in that book the mistress read...

* the end *

This nanotale has a continuation...

I so loved his work that I composed 

this double nanotale of a complicated romance. 

Maids in old centuries had to be extra cautious with what they heard, didn't they? Laments, promisses, incriminating gossip. 
Jeune femme remmetant un lettre à sa servant - 18th cent. Wiki

A famous romance of the Portuguese author Eça de Queiroz - loooove him - called Cousin Basílio (Primo Basílio) has a dark tale of how a maid could disgrace the life of her mistress simply by knowing too much. It's a great read.

As for sorceres, they are lovely creatures to portrait, love them!
In 18th century, there still was persecution and laws to prevent the malefic acts. Huh!
I watched a great TV show the other day, Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell about magicians in England. Only US$ 4,99 the entire season, but so hard to find here in Brazil... It's very interesting, and based on a book!
You can say the show talks about MAGIC not SORCERY. Ah, but that is a lovely discussion!
BBC one

While searching the show, I found lovely vintage trays and well, we can never have too many vintage stuff, Right? What if we decide to play the gossiping maid in the next Jane Austen event?
how precious!

BTW, my new book will be a JAFF! Lovely sweet romance filled with gossiping women and lovely love for Darcy and Lizzy. First time I go PG 13 in English, it felt nice to let the story set the pace and not include hot scenes. 

Anyway... read my other NANOTALES here.

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