& Moira Bianchi: Somethings are hard to overlook

quarta-feira, 12 de abril de 2017

Somethings are hard to overlook

So, since my last post a few hours ago, we had an interesting development on the same subject. Since a good friend of mine quit working for the biggest TV company - the same I mentioned in the last post - I gave up watching Big Brother. I had all the reasons, right? It's mostly boring but it's pretty popular here in Brazil.

Because I don't watch it neither have any interest on its gossips, I wasn't aware of a sad case of abuse going live for the nation to witness. Confined people tend to show their worst and so did the forty-something MD over the twenty-something student. Cliche again... older established man, young naive girl.

Oh, dear...

I've heard that she was quite annoying and that  was what slowly pushed him to the limit. Explains but doesn't justify. 

The last straw was physical abuse (holding her upper arms so tight it bruised) while verbally leaching her after a particularly boosy party. Ring a bell?

Funny I just wrote a love story that starts with the same abuse, ipsis litteris. It's my take on The little mermaid and the abuser is her ex husband. Kept putting myself on her shoes, wandering how to fight back. Lots of women do, and sadly lots of them loose the battle.

On the subject of where to draw the line between seeing any male attitude as abusive and overlooking anything to avoid the risk of being irracional, bruising is never excusable.

You might say I wrote that, and I nod: I did write about the girl getting bruises after a naughty night, there's even that in my Regency trio of love stories, but in any way the character was under the threat of an abusive lover. I hate that. 

And so there's context?
Yeah... there's always a 'but'...
My issue still stands after all. Something's are hard to overlook - maybe because it didn't happen to me. 

Hope I never find out.

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