& Moira Bianchi: Things that escalate

sexta-feira, 7 de abril de 2017

Things that escalate

Yesterday we finished watching Big little lies, the HBO tv show, very famous cast, great production.
Love this opening sequence...

I loved it.

And couldn't help but see myself caught up in a similar web of petty gossip involving kids. Urgh, I hate that part of motherhood!
When my son was 4, only 4!, I posted a seemingly innocent comment on a Facebook picture of him holding a girl. It wasn't me who first posted the pic, it was the girl's mother, and I simply answered in good humor and good faith saying something like 'he has been gaining sweethearts' to which the effing woman answered in a lashing: Her hubs do not want to think about boyfriends.

Oh, dear!... Of course I answered in a similar dose of harshness, she said she wasn't offended by my comment and neglected to ask if I was offended with the public lashing - that unfortunately was seen by several friends because she had tagged me in the picture.  

How could I keep talking to that woman? I'm constantly fearing another lapse of good sense... 
The TV show is all about that, exactly that pettiness where everyone is both guilty and victim.
And there's a big line: 'Women are chemically incapable of forgiving.'
Guess I am... If and when the right button is pushed. 
Anyway, the tense story also had the disturbing acknowledgment that Laura Dern and Nicole Kidman are old... And had pretty weird face jobs. Botox, perhaps?
Also, as another strong vilan, we had Eric Northman...
Let me finish with such a Cad of a vampire (here he prays in something other than blood).
C ya.

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