& Moira Bianchi: A productive Sunday

segunda-feira, 5 de fevereiro de 2018

A productive Sunday

I used yesterday as a computer free day and as I lazily played couch potato, I got to watch two great movies on TV - something very extraoedinary in our cable TV here in Brazil. More, both had a lot to do with the fanfic I've been posting, 9 ways to live Pride and Prejudiciously.

First I caught 'The Edge of Tomorrow' on its first 5min. I confess that Mr. Cruise is not an actor that compels me to watch movies. After the Cientology stuff, funny marriage and super exposed child and blah-blah-blah his image is a little weird to me. But I was here, the movie was there...
Turns out it's a hardcore 'Groundhog day' - and I looooove Groundhog day. 
The idea of having second chances is very appealing to me, testing new approaches and sideways, having an upper hand... Twenty minutes into the movie, the aliens were nothing to me, I was enthalled in twists the plot used to let us know the guy had done that before. I did like it.

Then, after lunch with family and Carnival hopping - we're in full season here in Rio - I caught 'Split' again in its first minutes. Like most everyone, I loved 'Sixth sense' and was very frustrated with 'Signs' and 'Unbreakable', enough to avoid watching 'The village'. But, it was on, I was on the couch... Well, it's not bad and the ending doesn't suck. 

As it finished, I found myself thinking that both movies could be connected to my WIP because Bertha takes her tea to 'live' different lives and try to make things better. Of course I won't compose a P&P fanfic uniting aliens to psycopaths or any of those but... The plot twists are very eloquent.

And, the irony of it, this week the groundhog appeared to predict the end of winter.

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