& Moira Bianchi: We always believe the worst criticisms about us. Why?

domingo, 11 de fevereiro de 2018

We always believe the worst criticisms about us. Why?

I heard Carrie Bradshaw wonder about that in a SatC rerun, and it hit me hard. It's true, I always believe my worst critics even though they often are 1 to 50 - or less. Why is that?

There must be some convoluted psychiatric study about this behaviour, I'm no psychologist expert.

Book releases, as this Valentines, make me specially vulnerable to mean words.
With me, the funny thing is that a fully bad critic don't stick in my memory, I tend to see 'an agenda' behind it - like when my Portuguese version for '45 days in Europe with Mr. Darcy', someone posted a one star review simply saying 'it's not all that'. 

What really get to me are the good reviews with silightly spiteful innuendos. Those are imprinted in my mind and somehow are poweful enough to erase the praises.

Thankfully, my Instagram account is filled with those iceberg drawings of what success is made of because there are times I feel like giving up. Who doesn't?

Today I found this one:

primer magazine
To me, it says a lot. Resisting the ups and downs of our emotional journey, having intelligence to find wisdom in bad criticism to improve our game, finding strength to feed our resilience -  for all that we need to turn our backs to the crowd sometimes. Stay strong and move along.

I'm in one of these moments right now.

See ya.

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