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HRH The Royal Baby


Last week we were full of Grace here in Rio. JMJ and the adorable Pope Francisco made our city even more wonderful.
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O RIO DE JANEIRO continua lindo!...

Also, we have a new Prince, I mean, England has a new Prince. But since we are all Darcy lovers, HRH Prince George of Cambridge is kinda ours too...
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My good Darcy Friend Enid Wilson invited me for a drabble festival celebrating the new Prince's birth and, even though I'm struggling to find time to put to paper all that's bubbling in my head to fill the last two chapters of '45 days in Europe with Mr. Darcy', I managed to write a 750 words drabble. 

Shall we?

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Royal baby

Drabble from '45 days in Europe with Mr. Darcy', fluff, MA 

Lizzy Bennett wants to video chat with you. Accept?

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'Hi, love!' Darcy's sleepy face appeared on her screen.

'Hi love! Did I wake you up? I'm sorry...' Lizzy bit her lip.

'It's ok, I was reading. Besides I always want to chat you up!' He smiled 'It's still early evening in Rio, are you studying for tomorrow's test?'

'Yes. Tomorrow's and the other five as well.' She sighed. 'It's going to be a tough week... But Love...' She said in a catlike meow and Darcy knew would get him in trouble soon. 'I need a favor.'

hot rio chick darcy fanfic hot'In eight days you will have finished your next-to-last semester in college and I will be arriving in Rio.' He asked smiling at her pretty face in his tablet. 'Can't it wait?'

Lizzy shook her head. 'Now!'

'On line sex?' He grinned.

'Huh-huh. I want photos from the royal baby’s official announcement to blog. Will you take a few for me?' Lizzy asked sweetly.

'What? No!' Darcy frowned.

Lizzy frowned back. 'Why not? You’re in London!'

'I'm going to Pemberley in the morning.' He said.

'Liar!' She accused pointing him a finger. 'Go, please!'

'No!' He shook his head.

'Why not?' Lizzy insisted.

'Because it's another tourist trap.' He pursed his lips. 'Without you to walk hand in hand with me I won't get into any other.'

'Wickham would do it for me.' She pouted.
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'Ask him, then.' Darcy smiled ironically.

'Can't, he moved out of my building.' She made a face.

'Good, or else he might want to take your sister with him to hold his camera.' Darcy chuckled.

'Hey, jerk! Not funny!' She complained. 'I need photos! At least take some of Trafalgar square's fountain colored blue.' She asked.

'No.' Darcy shook his head again.

'William...' She whined leaning on her desk to get closer to the cam.
He still shook his head but didn't notice her face getting bigger because his eyes were distracted on something until he sent her a message. 'There!' He said giving her a gorgeous smile. 'I googled these photos you want and sent you the link.'

'You are really a jerk!' Lizzy sputtered.

'That you love!' He chuckled. 'And that is crazy for you and those tiny green knickers on your hanger!'

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Lizzy turned and blushed realizing again she had left a bikini on the floor hanger that framed her face when the cam was pointed at the window. An idea hit her. 'That new bikini?' She asked and rose to walk to the hanger.

Darcy watched as her lithe body kneeled on the bed showing him pink lacy knickers and she stood at the other side. She took the bikini bottom and showed it to him, bended by the waist, took off her knickers and put the bikini on. He was wide-eyed and breathing hard when she returned.

'Do you like it?' She asked raising her t-shirt to her ribs and twisting in front of the camera. 'I just bought it.'

Darcy shook his head. 'It's too small.'

'I was complimented at the beach.' She said.

'I don't want you to wear this when I'm not with you.' He ordered.

'You are never with me!' She complained.

'I'll arrive next week, Lizzy.' He said.
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She tsked, turned her back and took off her shirt giving him a glimpse of her small breasts.

'Lizzy!' He cried.

'What?' She asked naively bending again to look at the cam.

'You don't want to give me online sex but are undressing for me?' He asked in a sideways smile.

'I just want to show you my new bikini!' She explained.

'Is it topless?' He asked. 'In Greece you said no one does topless in Rio.'

'I may start a trend!...' Lizzy smiled wickedly. She let him see a nipple and he swallowed.

'No you won't.' He ordered.

'Get me a picture!' She insisted.

Darcy shook his head. ‘Are you going to parade naked in Brazil if I don't make a fool of myself standing in the crowd at Buckingham's gate?' He grinned.

'No!' She pouted. 'I may have to find something else to post on my blog to celebrate the royal baby's birth! I may copy his mother's holiday pics...' Lizzy stood to show him her beautiful hips with a thin string of the bikini adorning it, her narrow waist and small breasts and when she was sure he had seen enough, she cut the call.

Two minutes later Lizzy’s phone beeped.

Geo Darcy sent you a SMS.

‘Do you know why my brother needed to be at Trafalgar this late hour?'
hot rio chick darcy fanfic

-- FIM --

The festival has other cute, funny, lovely drabbles. Go check it out!

And long live the new Prince George!


Disclaimer: Google, Kate&William, me... To each Ceasar what is due to him. ;)

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