& Moira Bianchi: Patch up our broken heart

quarta-feira, 24 de julho de 2013

Patch up our broken heart


It is FREEZING here in Rio!
And this post is all about patched up hearts!

Yeah, anything bellow 20°C in Rio de Janeiro is Arctic weather!

We are filled with the HOLY SPIRIT these days with the city packed with World Youth Pilgrims. It's sooo amazing to see grinning Catholics wandering around my neighborhood. I'm youth in the heart and in age until next December (the horror, the horror!) and I'm dying of envy for not being amongst them, but I have a baby boy, work, blah, blah, blah. So... TV for me... But, I was Downtown in the crowd waiting Pope Francisco pass in the batmobile, oops, popemobile with my son. Amen!

'Eu não trago nem ouro nem prata, só trago o que me deram de mais valioso: Jesus Cristo.'

Besides being a proud Carioca Catholic, I have another reason for being glad. My new vignette was published at my Darcy Friends' JAFF site, oficially starting 
'45 days in Europe with Mr. Darcy'
I'm still writing it - 3/4 done - and now they are arriving in Germany.

I search and surf, travel and love with Mr Darcy and Lizzy while writing. 
Guess where we are now?... Marillion!

A city? Somewhere in Coruscant? In Westeros? No... Better!


Do you remember chalk hearts melting on a playground wall
Do you remember dawn escapes from moon washed college halls 
Do you remember the cherry blossom in the market square
Do you remember I thought it was confetti in our hair
By the way didn't I break your heart?
Please excuse me, I never meant to break your heart
So sorry, I never meant to break your heart
But you broke mine

Kayleigh is it too late to say I'm sorry?
And Kayleigh could we get it together again?
I just can't go on pretending that it came to a natural end
Kayleigh, oh I never thought I'd miss you
And Kayleigh I thought that we'd always be friends
We said our love would last forever
So how did it come to this bitter end?

Do you remember barefoot on the lawn with shooting stars
Do you remember loving on the floor in Belsize Park
Do you remember dancing in stilettoes in the snow
Do you remember you never understood I had to go
By the way, didn't I break your heart
Please excuse me, I never meant to break your heart
So sorry, I never meant to break your heart
But you broke mine

Kayleigh I just wanna say I'm sorry
But Kayleigh I'm too scared to pick up the phone
To hear you've found another lover to patch up our broken home
Kayleigh I'm still trying to write that love song
Kayleigh it's more important to me now you're gone
Maybe it will prove that we were right
Or ever prove that I was wrong

What the fluff Marillion has to do with Pride and Prejudice
Have I gonne coo-coo or Kayleigh is A LOT LIKE Mr D's FAMOUR LETTER???

luv, luv, luv, luuuv... I won't hesitate no more, I cannot wait.. I'm yours!

You just have to wait and see, I mean, read!

Oh, Mr. T... Don't give me that look... I know you will be Mr D in AUSTENLAND!...

Disclaimer: Google, Jane Austen, Vatican, JMJ, me. You know... 

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