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sábado, 22 de junho de 2013


hello, hello.
Unlike many other posts, this greeting is not cheerful.

keep calm don't worry
This is my new mantra.

This last week was pretty complicated here in my little corner of the world. 

passeata na rio branco
This is not lava. Or ants. These are us marching on our 'lower Broadway'
In Brasil, we are facing the awakening of the giant. With the FIFA Confederations Cup going on, Spain beating Tahiti with unecessary 10x0, the billions spent on amazing stadiuns and all; there was a collective cry for change. If you live somewhere in the galaxy you probably have heard of the many protest marches, 300k asking for a better country in Rio and such. 

You may also have heard of fights and fires. There was that too, and it was really worrying, but the main thing was that the 'giant' (our continental country) has found its voice again. I don't want to get political here, my blog is mainly entertaining, a place for adorable zuchinis as we say here. Let me just say it was a busy week.

Also, a dear friend lost his father and that is always sad. Hang in there, friend!

But I wanted to tell you about the vitriol I got when I posted the last chapter of my story 'Image and Likeness'.

The calming tune you are enjoying on autoplay is Chopin. I dearly needed it that last thrusday when I decided I didn't need to keep reading after the fifth ugly review.

So... when I first posted this story I warned the reader about it being out of the ordinary, sometimes hard to swollow and all. You may have read it here somewhere. There was even the episode of it being rejected from my favorite JAFF site. 
a dive into the unknown... Yuppy!

As you know, writing for me is a hobby. Something I am only discovering I can do and finding pleasure in it. Therefore, as an exercize, I give myself license to write any story when it comes to my head - like this one that came to me in an instant and all complete. Wow!

But it is very different from what I had written so far. It is not a sugary romance with a lot of erotic scenes. It is a spite story filled with erotism. And it does not have a HEA. The version I was posting (the P&P one) did not have Darcy saving the day. He was as much as a pawn as Lizzy was. People hated that.

And the vitriol came. 
Oh boy! That was not pretty. 

I can only imagine what actual writers feel when their stories are reviewed.

I was surprised at first, and then hurt and then fully frustrated
Let me explain.

The story is supposed to render you with the doubt of the Charlotte/Anais character existence. Was it all a dark fantasy of Lizzy's head? Or Darcy's? Who has the most effed up mind?

My betas had warned me that it was not clear and I worked a little efacing the lines here and there to plant the doubt seed and I thought it was good enough. I mean, I'm not Herman Hesse or Henry Miller or Chuck Palahniuk. I'm just Moira passing time and having fun.

All the vitriol for me was more like: 'You suck at writing!', 'You could not give enough to the reader so he would understand.' He-y-alp!

Here I am back at Frustrated Ville, realizing I'm not nearly as half bad as I thought I was... *sad sigh* Well, if one can't stand the heat, he'd better not get in the kitchen. Right?

You were thinking Chopin was good? Check out this quote I found.
chopin quotes spite
ok. That gets me back to my new mantra: Keep calm and drive on.

disclaimer: Google, me, thanks to all who contribute to my hobby. Even the vitriolers.

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