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Bruce Wayne, Fitzwilliam Darcy

Hello, hello!

This week we celebrate my little brat's 4th birthday and I'm swamped in Batman. 
I mean, everywhere!
batman pride and prejudice mashup

 Last year, if you can well remember, it was Spiderman. I must say that in my opinion, Batman is way cooler. Batman is enigmatic, has a hidden personality as well as identity and almost always he is a hunk!

batman pride and prejudice mashup

Spidey is fun and all but Batman has Christian Bale and George Clooney. Need I say more?

batman pride and prejudice mashup

Anyway, I have a tradition to keep, therefore I present you:

Fitzwilliam Wayne Darcy

hot rio chick pride and prejudice batman fanfic

Cool or what?
Darcy has a lot in common with Batman... he is enigmatic and taciturn, rich, orphan... and a hunk!

And, when baby's party preps and architecture allow me, I work on my next book...
It's going to be  a linear retelling following events, dates and character's ages. My first!... 

Lizzy is a Brazilian 20 years old who lives in Rio while her family lives in Petrópolis (a cute city almost an hour from Rio), the Bennetts grow flowers for a living. Darcy is a British 25 years old who is enjoying a sabatical before taking over the family business.

Lizzy has a popular blog to talk about her passion for travelling.
Darcy travels the world and couldn't care less about anyone's travel plans or tips.

They meet in Amsterdam and we follow Lizzy's 3 trips to Europe during an year when she (un)fortunately meets Darcy everytime she sets foot in the Old World.

How hard can it be to give Lizzy enough restraint not to jump Darcy's bones two minutes after they meet

Even though it's not my first story, let me tell you, it has not been easy for me...  
You cannot imagine my ordeal!
batman pride and prejudice mashup
Let me go! I want to write a smoking love scene! Free my hands!

Curious? Here's a tiny excerpt:

- Earlier draft, Chapter one: Amsterdam -

It turned out that the Bennetts had family plans and would spend two days visiting the flower farms near the city. Coincidentally the British group had similar plans of spending time at the Rosier Tulips Resort and Lizzy could not avoid a group date for Tuesday at Keukenhof. Charlotte rescued Lizzy from further mortification arriving with Caroline who still had a stinky eye towards her, for whatever reason. Soon the British group left and the Brazilian girls could talk in private.

pride and prejudice fanfic‘Aww… Char! Couldn’t you tell me these douchebags were here?’ Lizzy complained. ‘I would have taken the gala invitations whenever, wherever we met…’

‘I didn’t know myself, Elizabeth. They didn’t say anything last night. I’m almost sure we mentioned the name of this hotel…’ Charlotte answered. ‘Anyway, do you know what I found out?’

Lizzy raised both her eyebrows.

‘William, he owns the place!’

‘The douchebag? No! The hotel?’

Charlotte nodded smiling.

Lizzy whistled.

‘Loaded! The other must be too.’ Charlotte said in a serious face. ‘And it’s like they are glued to us.’

pride and prejudice fanfic disney cheshire‘Exactaling!’ Lizzy said quoting the elusive Cheshire cat from Alice in the Wonderland and they both giggled. ‘Owner! This takes the glam right out of me!...’ She pouted.

‘Yeah, right.’ Charlotte snorted. ‘Give back the money they invested on your blog.’

Lizzy shook her head ‘no’ and smiled.

‘He is partially owner actually. His aunt has the majoritarian part.’ She shrugged. ‘Here Miss complaints, five invitations for the gala.’ Charlotte handed Lizzy a neat envelope made of heavy paper with a smile. ‘That was all I could manage.’

‘My mother is going to flip! Thanks so much, dear friend!’ Lizzy said and tried to hug Charlotte who took a step backwards.

‘Sweat, you were running.’ She said twisting her nose.

‘Sorry.’ Lizzy blushed lightly.

‘I know someone who would want to take your sweated hug…’ Charlotte said in a suggestive sideways smile.

Lizzy rolled her eyes. ‘Pray, tell me who. The snob girl who could not find courage to make a move on Liana or the douchebag who is perpetually licking a lemon?’

Charlotte smiled. ‘Caroline does not have an eye on you, oh irresistible Eliza.’

‘I hate that. It’s the same way Aunt Philips calls me… Urgh!’ Lizzy shuddered.

‘It is!’ Charlotte laughed. ‘I was talking about William Darcy, and you know it.’ She said. ‘Don’t!’ She raised a finger to Lizzy. ‘Don’t deny it. He is always staring at you.’
wolf in love big eyes tex avery

‘He is, what a douche! He is always interested in finding fault in me. I believe he is expecting to see the pet snake I must carry in my pocket since I’m such a savage. Anaconda!’ She said in an evil laugh.

Both friends laughed.

‘Mr. Ancient Douche is so stupid, if he only knew it was a lizard!’ Lizzy said smiling mischievously.

‘Lizzy, you kill me! I missed you so much these last months.’ Charlotte said but restrained from embracing Lizzy. ‘Will you come to Paris when I’ll be sent there?’

‘Hell, yes!’ Lizzy said, eyes shining with mirth. ‘I’m already saving. Last night, I let the douche pay for two of my beers!’

heineken amsterdam love affair‘Didn’t your mother teach you anything? It’s not safe to accept a drink from a stranger.’ Charlotte mocked her. ‘Damn gorgeous and snob stranger.’

‘My mother tough me a lot of things. Not drink beer so not to get fat, was one of them!’ Lizzy said and they laughed. ‘Also, that a darn gorgeous stranger is the one to accept drinks from!’


How about that? 
See ya!

Disclaimer: Images from Google, new Darcy Matthew Rhys Batman mashup and texts are mine. Next book still in the oven... But looking good! ;)

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