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segunda-feira, 5 de novembro de 2012

Promoting Friendship of a special kind

hi there!

I've been busy working, taking care of my family, having fun with friends and promoting my first book 'Friendship of a special kind'.

pinup promoting hot rio chick
Well, not exactly like this...

Let me tell you, it´s not an easy feat.
elvis promoting hot rio chick on the phone
Maybe this would help. Would you listen to Elvis?

It's not so simple and for one who, like me, self published and don't want to spend big cash it's a bit frustrating. It was said that I should collect as many reviews on Amazon as possible, reviews sell the book. To get reviews people need to buy and read the book, then write a review. But to buy they need to read a review. See? Not so simple, it´s a wheel. So I discovered sites who publish reviews for free if you submit your books to them. Not as simple as it may look like. Most sites where I could enlist my book for reviewing are closed at the moment, except for Borboleta que lê and Savvy Books. And it doesn't necessarily mean that they'll publish a review.

Also I got a warm welcoming from Bloggerdise, Ask David and BookDaily. I enlisted 'Foask' on these sites, and tried a few more. Some were easy enough like Goodreads and Skoob. These last ones are more like social networks than promoting engines, maybe that's why. I'm all for making more friends and talking books, that1s how I started this writing business!

Facebook wants to accuse me of spamming - I may have accidentaly done it. Sorry. I'm just very happy to have accomplished this and I want to tell everybody. It's a thrill to have put to paper the story that looped in my head for ages, to feel the words gaining life and finding their own way on my text app, the characters developing a personality - and how strong their personalities are!

I got some sweet reviews on Fb saying that the reader feels like eavesdropping on Darcy and Lizzy, it's like they communicate with the reader. Aww... that's nice! 

darcy and lizzy in the kitchen
There is this kitchen scene, more than once... Ah... the Boston weekend!

Some parts I don´t even remember plotting. It's like Darcy and Lizzy were talking through me. Scary? I say: FUN! I loved writing it, didn't love as much the editing part but adored the posting & publishing. Now the promoting... urgh!

promote my book foask
Promote on line IS frustrating! Urgh!

The promoting tips I got advising me to print post cards and spread around are nice but... I don't think it's my target audience. First because here in Brasil we speak Portuguese and Foask is in English. Then, well... not the kind of promoting I'd like to do.

Don't ask me what kind of promoting I'd like to do. 
I don't know. 
The free kind. 
The easy kind. 
The kind that puts a smile on people's faces when they read the blurb and think 'Yeah, I'd like to fly with these characters and have some fun too!...'

BTW, here´s the official blurb. (haha, official!)

   A Pride and Prejudice inspired romance novel; sexy, naughty and touching.
   Elizabeth Bennett has already suffered a lot of heartache - too much in her point of view - by her early thirties. Therefore, she avoids relationships and most of all, commitment.
   William Darcy would rather spend his time and efforts working on his family's company than engaging on angst filled relationships.
   When these two stubborn, sexy and handsome people meet they want the same thing: simply a good time. But what happens when he falls in love with her? How hard will he have to work to persuade her to love again?
   "It is a truth universally acknowledged, as well as feared, that fate has its twisted ways to dispose of our lives." 
   A novel inspired by Jane Austen's unforgettable characters and their struggle to get together, here in a modern setting where they struggle to keep together. With a Brazilian zest to them. It was said that they were too forward, that Darcy would never give Lizzy a kiss on the cheek on the second time they met. Or that Lizzy wouldn´t drink beer, but wine. Well… these D&E have a zest of Brazil. Why not?
   So they are forward and a bit naughty sometimes. Darcy hacks into her IPhone so he can keep in touch while Lizzy is only interested in Darcy as a one night stand.
   It´s not a retelling, it´s a P&P inspired story.
   For mature audiences. Adult content, explicit language.

Of course I'll handle some copies as giveaways, some copies to local libraries and all, but I'd like to promote it before I get the paperbacks...

Well, I´ll keep trying and later I'll report again.

This is Moira, reporting live from Frustated Ville. 

  Disclaimer: Amazing book cover: mine; babbling: mine, other pics: Google.

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