& Moira Bianchi: Cloud 9

terça-feira, 31 de julho de 2012

Cloud 9

Darcy is super happy, Lizzy´s had a huge break thru, a few months' jump, jewels, flashbacks, youth dreams.

Ladies and gents, this is Cloud Nine


Mr Darcy is soaking up the sun, preparing to warm Lizzy up.

When writing How William Darcy persuaded Lizzy Bennett to love again Frienship of a special kind - FOASK - I had a sudden inspiration and wrote these chapters while writing their time in Seattle, just after 'Hunsford'. This jump made my Beta crazy but I had to put it on paper (and sent it to her): Darcy and Lizzy talked to me so clearly, with so many details...

Well, maybe not these, but these details look yummy...

This is the point where Darcy's plans start to work out, when he starts to live the life he had been dreaming of living with his love.

By def, Cloud 9 is: 


  1. (idiomatic) A state of happiness, elation or bliss; often used in the phrase 'on cloud nine'. "He was on cloud nine for days after she agreed to marry him."

    Oops! Lizzy agreed to marry Darcy? Really? Don´t think so... 

    Wiktionary also says Cumulonimbus... We learned to fear that here in Brasil...

So, what´s Cloud 9 for you?

Your favorite shop on sale?

The book's sequel you've been waiting is finally coming out?

Spending time with your longtime-longed-for friend?

Your favorite song on the radio in the middle of bad traffic?

Having a great party?

Taking that dreamed about vacation?

Meeting lovely people who share a hobby with you?

A box of chocolates?
Hard work finally rewarded?
Sarah, Kitadai, Thiago: medalha, medalha, medalha!
Mr Darcy?

YOUR Mr Darcy?

Or reading a good fanfic?

Which one is yours?

See ya!

Disclaimer: Same as always, most pics are Google´s, but some dear ones here are mine, from my very own Cloud 9 moments. *happy sigh*

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