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quarta-feira, 4 de julho de 2012

About men talk and vampires

hello friends, long time no see...

How Darcy persuaded Lizzy... is already half way done on FFnet, and it´s going on really well. I´m so glad. I got a delightful review/comment suggesting that I publish it, but Cleopatra didn´t give me a chance to answer. I plan to, Cleo!!! I´m even selecting covers!

Something that happens next post - Chapter 24 - is a thing that keeps intriguing us girls:

What men talk between themselves when we´re not around?

'Dudes, check that ass!...'


'Whose? Lizzy's? That´s not for your dirty eyes.'

It´s been said that they talk about work, they brag about how miserable their life is, about their youth, about bonding with their fathers. 
Do they drink themselves silly?

Do they talk bulshit?
Do they talk about men they'd like to be?

Do they talk about hot fantasies?
Or they only drink themselves silly?
But what we really want to know is: 

Do they talk about us?

Always an intriguing subject, how we are seen about others - especially our significant other - can make our day or ruin our week!
No doubt. Right?  =/

Here's how we´d like to know men see us:

One thing I´m sure of (I´m pretty sure I´m sure...) is that men don´t like vampire stuff. Books, movies, whatever. Don´t matter if bad-ass, cute, loving, scary, cool. Either Eric, Bill, Edward, Eric, Bones, Lestat or Eric. Vamps are women's favorites. 

Vamps are girls talk.


Why vamps of all things? I have to say that I have a four hands vampire story cooking... Yeah, vamps! Darcy and vamp... Yummy, right? There are some Vampire Darcys going on around us, but NOT like the one that has been occupying my thoughts... Die hard, yeah. Charming, yeah. Unperfect, yeah. In love with Lizzie, yeah. Blood thristy, yeah - yeah!
Picture all this with fangs! Holly cow...

Up untill now, he has only two chapters and a story line sketched. Maybe soon I´ll get to post a sample... But for now they need to talk to me, and his ladylove is damn sttuborn. She refuses to show up, although I have seen her perfectly in my minds eye.
'Not ready to talk yet, Moira. Chill.'

Anyway, for now, I only have a Darcy wish. No, a death wish. No! A heroine wish

Right, BFF?

see you soon, bj.

Disclaimer: Same-o, same-o. I collected these nice images on Google. But the babbling, the passion admiration for Eric Northman, Edward Cullen and Daniel Craig's pout as the new 007 is mine.

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  1. nem tudom, most vajon sikerül-e...kíváncsi vagyok az új könyvre, bár még a régit sem teljesen olvastam

  2. Yes, we do talk about you...but usually just when we find it funny, not in a deep, sensitive way. If a man is seriously in love, most of the time he doesn'T speak about it and the girl concerned...maybe not even to his closest friends. Let's see the new book! @deschain@