& Moira Bianchi: The end

sábado, 16 de junho de 2012

The end

'Darling, now you are mine. No fighting and no running. My Mrs Darcy.'

Brazilian writer Fernando Sabino once wrote a touching short story where he quoted one of his late father's favorite lines:

"In the end, everything works out. 

If it didn´t, it´s because we haven´t reached the end yet."

Everything HAS worked out! It´s the end!

Friends, today I posted the last chapter! 'How William Darcy persuaded Lizzy Bennet to love again' AKA 'Foask' reached its end.

Some surprises, some tears, some laughs, and these Darcy and Lizzy found closure. How did you like it? 
Aww... how cute!

I loved the experience. I was very insecure about posting this story, it was my first time. Before that, I had only posted the short story where ODC meet in Brasil, but it was not even close to 41 chapters and 190k words.

Posting on AHA and AU I had a steady 1100 views/post, that´s 2200/week! WOW! Let´s see what´s 1100, shall we?

Yep, a lot of money...
Rio - NY flying coach

Three almost-on-stage seats to watch Madonna live - US 2012 tour
A lot of Real bills too...
Michael Kors ostrich clutch
3 days in a posh cabana in Paradise: 
Patachocas Resort - Morro de São Paulo, Bahia, Brasil

I also had some lovely comments, people mulled over the story, suggested more songs, approved or disapproved of my characters' actions... I loved it!

On Fanfiction.net it´s on chapter 12 - after Hunsford - and I´m close to 9k views. That´s good!
Giancarlo Neri spread 9k lighted balls at Paris square here in Rio. Amazing!

Every time I finish a good story, I re-read my favorite parts... Like:
Darcy´s Iphone text screen - chapter 3
Darcy´s Iphone text screen - chapter 11
Darcy´s Iphone text screen - chapter 18
I hope you liked the story and want to re-read these parts. Or others. Or read it all again, this time without having to wait some days for the next post.

How sweet it is to be loved by you.

Thanks for following this story! And enjoying it!

And this was it for Darcy and Lizzy, as well as for my experience as a writer. So far.

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  1. Parabéns! Você escreveu uma história incrível, sofrida e excitante!

  2. I enjoyed every part of the story I read. Moira must be a real talented and lovable girl...I hope once she writes my story,too.@deschain@