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terça-feira, 5 de junho de 2012

George Wickham: a vilain we love to hate

Hello everybody!

'How Darcy persuaded Lizzy' is nearing its close and things are hot and heavy. But I choose not to dwell on that.
'Darling, remember I love you.'
'I will never forget that...'

 The space between them is proposital.

Let´s talk about someone lighter, and funnier that had his 15 mintues of fame today: George Wickham.

George Wickham is a malandro-cocô.

In Portuguese, we have this expression that beautifully describes a character such as our dear Wicky: malandro-cocô. Let me (try to) explain.

malandro: wheeler-dealer, scamp, devious fellow, rogue, rascal

cocô: nº 2

malandro-cocô: dumb rascal, AKA, Wickham

When we start reading Pride and Prejudice, Wickham seems like a charming fellow until we get to the point where he tells his life story to a virtual stranger.
Come on, Lizzy... This guy is full of s**t...

Only a gullible protected girl like Lizzy wouldn´t snif something askew in that. Simultaneously, he tells Lizzy that he has to snatch a rich heiress, like King.
Mary King was just as gullible...

Then, when we read Mr Darcy's letter, we see that Wickham is a vilain after all! Devious and premeditated. Yacks! 
Ah, the pleasure a thick letter can bestow...

And then, he throws it all to the wind snatching a teenager girl from a bankrupt family. 
Oh dear... fools, such fools...

I mean, come on! He had us on our toes fearing him and then, such a daft move! Wickham, you could try a better plan than this, couldn´t you?
This silly little smile is precious!

So, from millionaire Gerogiana Darcy, to rich Mary King to poor and wacko Lydia Bennet: He proves himself a major malandro-cocô, plotting to shoot his own foot!

Read ashmh and CTrent's list of Austen's vilains here. She listed all the actors that played Wicky on the movies. And Katherine Cox analyses is character, but she thinks he's fine and dandy.

Although malandro-cocô is a very Carioca expression, it could be applied to several characters world wide like Austen Powers, Jack Sparrow, Downton Abbey´s Thomas. Thomas is the perfect malandro-cocô.
He looks so smug but he's such a fool...
Our best malandro is Macunaíma. He is a precious jewel in Brazilian Literature, Mário de Andrades' master piece - our hero without a character. One has to meet him to understand him.
We do have several malandros. Zé Carioca was a Walt Disney's gift to us.

And Rafael is just as lovely.

Carlinhos de Jesus dances a fabulous malandro.

Chico Buarque wrote and sang the ultimate malandro.

But in Austenetes hearts, Wickham rules! Yeah!

 Right? ;)

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