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sábado, 26 de maio de 2012

The Lizzie Bennet Diaries rock!

A break in my transmissions:

I have to talk about The Lizzie Bennet Diaries! 

'Shhh! Not now, Love. Am watching TheLBD.'

'Darling, How about some...'

I had already heard about it, but I had not watched it until last week. It´s awesome!

My favorite is EP 7: The most awkward dance ever.

It´s a Pride and Prejudice fanfic (Yay, another one!), retelling the story on a modern twist and through Lizzie's POV. It´s great! 

Each P&P retelling gives me a bit more to fully appreciate the story and this one has given me this precious line said by Charlotte to explain why Lizzy still hates Bing Lee even after he charmed the pants out of everyone (her words!).

Lyzzie hates to change her mind.

Yeah, that´s it! She does!

They are fun and short episodes, so you don´t get tired. Each has about 3 minutes and it´s so much fun that you'll wish there was more. Wired has republished an ARGNet issue on TheLBD with all the production details. Check it out.

She does, and it's the best!
The adorable girls @ Facebook group Orgulho e Preconceito Fanfics prepared Portuguese subtitles for the videos. Aren't they the custest eva?

The best!
Up until now, there are 14 episodes and they are at about... the gathering at the Lucases. Here is 'Lu' and there wasn´t really a dinner. Lizzie and Darcy get to interact at a pub, and there are video games involved. The dance Lizzie cannot deny Darcy at the Netherfield Ball is chapter 7: the most awkward dance ever. It´s funny, you have to try it!

No yummy salad on top could make hubs stop frowning...
I watched the episodes in a roll and I loved them. So engrossed I was that I even burned dinner - and let me tell you: No one likes burnt pizza. I got so involved in this story that I wanted to share some thouhgts here - from a JAFF addcit POV.

#young Lizzie
Lizzy is kinda young - 24 years old - for my story (How William Darcy persuaded Lizzy Bennett to love again AKA Friendship of  a special kind; now let out your breath!), but she could do fine for my shorter one, set in Brasil. If you haven´t read it yet, it's posted here.
I know Lizzie, we all love to hate him too! But it'll get better... WAY better!
#pearl earrings
I have to say (a bit ashamed) that I do have an earring similar to the one she wears to impersonate Mrs Bennet. Mine is cuter and all, but whenever she impersonates her mother, my eyes get glued to the earrings.

Lizzie plays Mrs Bennet and Charlotte plays Mr Bennet. Pipe! Ha!
#bow tie Darcy
Whenever Mr Darcy comes along, he is impersonated with a bow tie and a beret. Really? That much of a dush? 
Lydia plays Bing Lee (!) and Lizzie plays Darcy. Ha!
I asked around,

and few Darcys want to parade around with a bow tie.

'Huh, huh. Nope.'

'Forget I asked anything, Sir. Sorry for the inconvinience.'
Well, he is allowed anything. Austen had him in mind writing P&P way back when.
'Oscar's night. Want to complain about anything, Cara?'
#Darcy who
That leads to: IF Mr Darcy shows up - until now we have only 4 characters: 

Horizontally: Lydia and Lizzie, Jane and Charlotte

Anyway, IF Darcy shows up, how will he look like? Who will it be? Does this actor KNOWS that what he´ll be up to? Can I make a suggestion for the casting director?
Oh, yes! Totally Darcy material!
#Lydia rocks
I never liked the Lydia character, but here I do! She rocks! Lee Dee Ah is Whaaat-able!
#Lizzie fast talker
Lizzie talks soooo fast. I wonder if they rehearse a lot before recording. If not, I´m officialy a low achiever. Damn!

Guess what? THERE IS A PLAYLIST! I love playlists, have I told you that? I did, oh well, there is a playlist.

At the TheLBD official site there are some yummy treats like: Lizzie's Facebook, Darcy's Twitter, Lydia's Tumbler. Prepare to burn your dinner, because you'll get addicted as well!

 UPDATE: January, 2013 I blogged about the TLBD again, only now listing Mr D's episodes! Take a look.

As for How Darcy persuaded Lizzy...

I give you the ONLY link that really interested you these two chapters posted today: the erotic afrodisiac restaurant in Buenos Aires! Right?
Te mataré Ramirez restaurant

Buenos Aires is such a cool city. If you haven't yet, go visit!
Puerto Madero, at night

bj, see ya!

Disclaimer: the credit is all to TheLBD crew. They rock!

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