Moira Bianchi: I just blog, to say, I love you!...

terça-feira, 22 de maio de 2012

I just blog, to say, I love you!...

Saying 'I love you', are not the words I want to hear from you.

I´m kidding, they are!

Hi, there!
La vie en rose is perfect. Right?

'Say it again, Darling.'

'I love you, Will.'

Moving in together was a 'No, no'. Ooook....
Yeah Snoopy, but not into Mr Darcy's NY flat...

It´s overracted anyway. What´s nice about :

Having loads of boxes on your perfect spot,
Let´s toast to all the cleaning and arranging. Yay! *groan*

 Tooth paste feast  because your signifcant one can´t learn the right way to squeeze the damn tube,

 Fiding all the.. this on the kitchen sink,
If you want to drink somehing else, wash your previous glass!

 Clothes all over the floor,
Ok, that you already had. But now there are clothes for two on the floor.

Having to be deliriusly happy about it?
Maybe just the boxes are smiling, they are really frowning undeneath...

'And do I want to live with my stubborn hot Lizzy.'
'Well, there is the being together.'  

Awww, that's right Mr Darcy. That´s what he wants at this point of Friendship of a special kind.

I've selected some ways to say I love you so we can analize and scrutinize and vote if it´s a 'Darn Yes!' or a 'No, no.' Shall we?

1- Like it´s a bad thing:
'Against my better judgement, against my character...'

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HRC opinion:  You can do better, Mr Darcy. You just need to take your good opinion and shove it..... there. Then you may come back and try again.

2- Like it's a bad thing, in the rain:
That pout won´t fool me, Mister!

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HRC opinion: Still a no, Mr Darcy. Go learn something. Then come back. Go!

3- On a post-it:
They are just so somplicated. Post-it is fine.

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HRC opinion: Well, it's not convencional, it's a bit frustrating, but it's valid. Ok, it's a yes.

4- Rain pouring in buckets:

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HRC opinion: Oh, yes! Darn yes! See, Mr Darcy, how it's supposed to be?

5- With paper signs:
You too... perfect!

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HRC opinion: So cute, so out of reach... Romantic. It's a yes!

6- In the middle of the night, ice cold ocean, on the verge of death.
Brrr... There was space for him, Rose!

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HRC opinion: Well, certainly not comfortable, teary, with too much finality to it. But it's a yes. San Celine Dion, please.

7- Heartfelt, angst, desperate.
Dexter is such an ass... But how to resist loving him?

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HRC opinion: Yes for Emma, No for Dexter. It's a tie.

8- Even if you keep f***g it up.

Even with the verbal diarrhea?

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HRC opinion: technically it was a 'I like you.' But... Yes, yes, yes! Yay to Mr Darcy!

9- Rain again, in a boat, in the middle of a vicious pirate fight, getting married
Watch out for the ghost sword!

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HRC opinion: Romantic but too... confuse. I'll have to say No. But they are a Will&Liz!

10- Choking on the words, in the wee hours of the morning, after learning a good lesson.
I lo, lo, lo... I love you. You bewitched me, body and soul.

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HRC opinion: Yes, Mr Darcy! That´s why we love you! You're a good learner!

See ya! ;)

Disclaimer: I only own the intelectual expertise behind this babbling. All images belong to Google.

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