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Summer love or Tech Pride and Prejudice

hi, there!
I see Pride and Prejudice everywhere. Really!
The other day I accidentally caught a TV movie that resembles P&P plot and more, has uncanny coincidences with my first novel, 'Friendship of a special kind'.

The movie is called 'Summer love' and only now watching in for the sencond time I found out it's a Hallmark production. Then it gave me a certainty that it had some Austen flavor because this channel has already given us so many modern adaptations as P&P Atlanta, P&P& mistletoe, Unleashing Mr Darcy, Scents and sensibility...
Let me tell you what rang a bell to me:
hallmark channel

- The characters' names:
Maya, Will, Collin, Chantal. 
Maya is the main character, at first when she is introduced at her daughter Addison's summer camp, her name didn't remind me much of Lizzy but then she meets her new boss Colin. Huh. Colin, Collins. Ok, it's a common name. I let it pass. And in the next scene she meets the other boss, Will. Oah! Plus, she talks to her best friend Chantal. 
Ok, that's a bit too much.
Colin is a brooding guy, serious and attentive. Will is a good-humored, laid back guy who you distrust from the first moment. Chantal is the voice of reason, a practical person. The personalities match P&P's main characters, you see?
Colin - Darcy
Will - Wickham
Chantal - Charlotte
Maya... Lizzy!
Darcy and Lizzy - oops! Colin and Maya
pic from imdb
- The plot:
classical meet-hate-love
Maya needs an internship to garantee her Account school's final grades and starts a summer job at a tech company owned by partners Colin (CFO) and Will (CEO). She starts with the wrong foot when she arrives a bit lost and Colin offers to help her find her way. They chat and she babbles about the boss' fame of being harsh without knowing she spoke to the man himself. Ha! Classical P&P foot-in-the-mouth. 
Wickham and Lizzy or... Will and Maya
pic from imdb
The other boss - Will- is charming and good-humored, almost immediately makes a move on her. She resists, he insists. Meanwhile, she is obviously attracted to Colin who is obviously falling for her. But he is reserved and she is a widow. Huh... Here I stopped short. 
A widow, accountant, resisting a rich CFO?
That's so similar to my novel... and more?
The CEO hacks into her cell phone!


Of course, these are lovely coincidences, 
but from this moment on, the movie was a bit special to me.

Check out the movie's plot
hallmark channel

‘SUMMER LOVE’ found here
Maya Sulliway is a struggling single mom who’s studying to become an accountant. When her young daughter goes off to sleepaway camp, Maya accepts a summer internship at Kizzmit, a tech company known for developing a popular social app, in order to receive college credit. There, the thirtysomething Maya feels out of place among the company’s hip millennial interns and feels even more intimidated when she meets Colin Fitzgerald, Kizzmit’s strait-laced CFO, who has a reputation for being a highly demanding boss. When she’s introduced to Will Martin, the company’s handsome and charismatic CEO, Maya learns about Pitch-Fest, an upcoming contest designed to determine who among Kizzmit’s staff can come up with the best idea for a new app.
Before long, Will and Colin both take a liking to Maya and a competition heats up between them. As she starts becoming attracted to each of them — and agrees to a date with Will — Maya
overhears a conversation revealing that Kizzmit is having financial problems and the company’s investors are threatening to cut financing unless a lucrative new app is created.
Combining her passion for outdoor activities and charity, Maya comes up with an idea for an app that would allow its users to donate to charitable organizations while they exercise. Though he
knows Kizzmit would greatly benefit from her app, Colin, having fallen for Maya, tells her to keep the idea for herself and not give it away at Pitch-Fest. He also expresses concern that Will, a known womanizer, is going to end up breaking Maya’s heart. Later, when Will unscrupulously steals Maya’s app idea — falsely accusing Colin of being the thief — and publicly declares it Kizzmit’s latest creation, Maya is devastated. Furious at Will and Colin, she quits her internship and storms off. But when she discovers that Will stole her idea and that Colin was not involved, the industrious accounting student wonders if there’s a way she can complete her internship and reclaim the app she invented. Along the way, she just might find a summer love.
oh, my! Lucas Bryant does make a charming Darcy...
pic from the book of esther
The app stealing by the Wickham-like guy 
could be Lydia subplot, couldn't it? Ha!

Check out my novel's plot

Elizabeth Bennett, 32, is a widow and a financial whiz, a first-class auditor husband's demise, she decided avoid relationships. Addicted to fashion, with a mania for running and pilates, she strained to stay in shape and keep sane.
William Darcy, 38, is a bachelor and CFO of his family businesses living in Seattle. Due to innumerable romantic fall outs, he preferred to avoid serious relationships. Handsome and millionaire, Darcy never had trouble wooing a woman. Until then.
When Darcy accepts the invitation of his childhood friends to spend a few days relaxing at the Netherfield farm in Meryton - Massachusetts, he could never have imagined that he would meet a beautiful girl who was going to mess him up.

It’s not a sequel, but an inspired story, modern and full of Pride and Prejudice’s standards. Here Lizzy is a young widow scared of another serious relationship fearing another unhappy marriage as she had with Collins. Darcy is a millionaire bachelor who spends his life dedicated to work and dodging the attempts of gold diggers.
They meet in Meryton, he is attracted to her pleasant figure, unintentional flirt and sharp tongue. When she escapes him, he seeks her out through her friends. Lizzy decides that if a hot guy as Darcy is making an effort to reach out for her, she could as well have some fun. Absolutely no strings attached no phone numbers or any other contacts exchanged. But she wasn’t counting on Darcy’s will and - believing himself righteous - he hacks into her smart phone to steal all her contacts. 
she is furious, he apologizes, she escapes again. Darcy is unable to forget Lizzy’s fine eyes, arts and allurements used so masterfully in that only one hot afternoon. She also misses the handsome man, enough to accept a second date. Then another one, another, one more...

In canon it’s Darcy’s lust that propels him to action ‘against his will, his family, his better judgment’ and he proposes to Lizzy. In ‘Friendship of a special kind’ she lets her lust take over as well. It’s a sexy and touching story where Ms. Austen’s fabulous characters get to have a bit of Brazil in them. They are impulsive and hot blooded; forward and a bit naughty sometimes; certainly more opened to one another and always very strong minded.

How cool is that?
summer time, widow, CFO, phone hacking, afraid of relationships,
very smart mind for her, accountant, sleaky partner...
soooo much in common!
My Lizzy doesn't have a daughter, 
but a kid sister young enough to be her daughter!

The movie is very entertaining, the actors are cute, the ending is a bit abrupt but all in all, it's nice to watch it.

My novel is here

My new JAFF novel, a Regency P&P sequel, is here

And I'll keep watching Hallmark movies sniffing for hidden Austen bits. 

See ya

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