FRIENDSHIP of a special kind

Hello, welcome to my first published book's page.

2nd Edition revised and extended

Download an excerpt: for the first 5 chapters, click here. 

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Enquanto isso, dá para ler 5 capítulos em Português aqui. 

It has been so much fun, the road these Darcy and Lizzy have taken me. I started writing just to spend sleepless nights and all of a sudden, I was an author!

It was great to write it, post, comment and now publish. Endlessly revising and editing was not fun but, 'every rose has its thorns' as Gardy says.

A few years later - 6 actually - I bring you 2nd edition thoroughly revised and extended: 4 new scenes adding even more zest to this lovely story.

Here you´ll find some extras and the process that the story went through.

  • Playlist: for every chapter there's a song hinting Lizzy's mood
  • Pictures: outfits, places, gifts
  • Cast: a casting of Brazilian actors - not involved in this project, they are only amazing professionals whose work I admire    
friendship of a special kind
Raoul Bova is Darcy, Ana Paula Arósio is Lizzy*

Funny bits

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Mi casa es su casa!

Hey there! It's been a month since the book is for sale and it reached 100 copies sold! How amazing!
To celebrate, I posted a vignette.

Enjoy it here


*Disclaimer: Neither Mr Bova, nor Ms Arósio are involved in this project. They are amazinlgy good looking people that I wish with all my heart would one day consider reading this story out loud. Book cover designed by me and the amazing talent of Ideias & Kits.

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