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sexta-feira, 29 de março de 2013

Too mainstream for me

Hey there!

These last days I've been preparing my life to take a week off visiting the Milan furniture fair. Had to organize my practice, my son's life, fish winter clothes that I seldomly use here in Rio (and that probably won't be enough for Europe's chilly spring), etc. 

Ah, the joys and the worries of wandering around the world...

Also, in my JAFF little world things are pretty eventful too. The Lizzie Bennet Diaries has come to an end yesterday and my Facebook only talks about it. 

I hate when Pride and Prejudice ends.
Maybe that's why I keep retelling their story over and over.

Besides, I've been posting my new story Image and Likeness and as I expected - as well as forewarned by my sweet Beta Mimi - it's been making waves.

Rejection isn't a new thing for me in the JAFF world. I found out that people tend to be overprotective of ODC, especially if one - Brazilian, younger than average Native English speakers Janeites, a totally peripheral person - has the gall to write a fanfic. Yeah, it seems silly. Guess what? It IS silly.

Ms Austen's work is public domain and although I'm not sure she would be completely happy with the several colors we paint her 'own dearest child' I can be quite certain everyone has the same 'right' over her work.

Mr Darcy and Lizzy do not belong to me.
Or to you. Or to the Lady Catherines of the world. They belong to good literature, to their fandom, to the collective imagination of romance lovers and social critics.

The off stream success of The Lizzie Bennet Diaries is proof of that. It has a careful production even though it's low budget, they did a modern adaptation as we've seen several others, they added a comical spot. And they didn't stop when critics came along.

'Life isn't about do overs. And I think we'll all be stronger for it.'

Lizzie just said that on her final moments of episode 100. And so it is.

Like Lizzie and Charlotte say, I'm also a different person from when I accidentally found episode 1 on YouTube and posted it here almost an year ago.  Back then I was scared shit of my own hobby as a writer, very unsure of my nack for telling stories and counting on Heavens to back me up on the posting of Friendship of a special kind.

Today my book is out, I have 2 ready to self publish as well, a longer story in the oven and I am having fun with it.

Nevertheless, of course being thus rejected in such an uncivil manner makes me sad.

''the mods and admins have come to the conclusion that this story is not a good fit for this forum as a 'mainstream JAFF site' and it and the comment thread have been removed from the forums. Frankly, due to the stated subject matter, none of the mods are willing to monitor the story to make sure it doesn't cross over into territory that is not allowed. We suggest you post the story elsewhere, and wish you the best of luck.''

But now I'm strong enough to sigh and let Lady Catherine behind in that prettish little wilderness in my garden and move on.

Bernie Su answered a fan's question on why didn't Darcy's cell phone beep right before Lizzie left him a message back on episode 97.


Many authors have been rejected when first submitting their work. Some turned out to be best sellers afterwards. Some may have taken Lady C's words too seriously. Can we say who was the wiser?

Why post a story before self publishing anyway?

I don't know. My hubs keeps asking me this. I guess I like the feedback. And Ms Austen's work is public domain... Why would not my messing up with it not be available too? Do I have this right?

Especially today all these reasoning have a special meaning. It's holy Friday for us here in Brasil, a religious Catholic holiday when we celebrate and reflect about Christ's passion and how by rejecting him we were all saved.


Easter always has a way to touch me.

Happy Easter everyone.

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