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terça-feira, 26 de março de 2013

(another) DIZZIE playlist

hi there!

so, these days we've been dragged into the wave of overwhelming love due to the end of Pride and Prejudice in The Lizzie Bennet Diaries.
darcy and lizzie episode 99 love
The Lizzie Bennet Diaries, cutest of the cute episode 99.

The cute girls who build the amazing Socially awkward Darcy put together a playlist and well...  
I do love a playlist. 
It's already downloaded and loaded into my mp3 player. Tomorrow I'll be running with Dizzie again. Yay! You know what it usually means, don't ya?

So, here are the links for the Socially Awkward Darcy's Ultimate Fandom Dizzie playlist divided in 2 parts on 8 tracks
Part 1  and  Part 2

I added a few songs of my own, like Maxwel's songs (the ones he does Collins parodies). Well, I have been a sucker for Rick Astley for at least 25 years...  
Aw, old me! 
And then some other good songs that were suggested but were cut from the final playlist. And some more that I love and always remind me of ODC.

Here are them (all):

1.       Be still by Postal Service

2.       I will possess your heart by Death cab for cutie

3.       The bad in each other by Feist

4.       All this and heaven too by Florence and the machine

5.       Please don’t say you love me by Gabrielle Aplin

6.       Ho hey by The Lumineers

7.       Collide by Howie Day

8.       Incredible by Joss Stone

9.       Suit & tie by Justin Timberlake ft. Jay Z

10.   You and me by Lifehouse

11.   Who’d have known by Lily Allen

12.   Touches you by Mika

13.   Black Ballons by Local Natives

14.   If you believe me by Relient K

15.   Never gonna give you up by Ricky Astley

16.   King of anything by Sara Bareilles

17.   The call by Regina Spektor

18.   Start a war by The National

19.   We are never getting back together by Taylor Swift

20.   Oh, Love! By William Beckett

21.   This kiss by Carly Ray Jepsen

22.  Little things by One Direction

23.   Remembering the first time we made love by Simply Red

Last but not least

24.   I don't wanna dance by Eddy Grant

25.   I can see clearly now  by Jimmy Cliff

Let me remind you that this list is a crazy mix I created inspired by the original SAD playlist. SAD has put together a beautiful list and the credit is all theirs.

Also, I have playlists for my stories... As you know already.

For my book 'Friendship of a special kind'

For my new story 'Image and Likeness'.

BTW, 3000 views and counting... Tomorrow: Meet Charlotte.

  What can I say?... I love playlists ever since we had to spend a whole afternoon clicking pause/rec/play in our gigantic k7 microsystems.

Aw, darn. OLD, OLD ME!...


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