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The Lizzie Bennet Diaries rock! 2

Hi there!

So, here I am again.

The Lizzie Bennet Diaries 

daniel vincent gordh darcy pride and prejudice

keeps rocking!

I already blooged about how cool they are, but have to confess that I lost my patience somewhere between episodes 30 and 40... Come on, so many chappys. Then I decided to stop watching for a while and just keep up with it by following them on Facebook and such. Then it was finally time for him to show up!

Ah... Mr D!

daniel vincent gordh darcy pride and prejudice


And now it's Pemb!

daniel vincent gordh darcy pride and prejudice


So now I'm still not watching the episodes but I keep my eyes opened for Mr D. I'll wait the Lydia affair to catch up with popcorn and hopefully with baby in bed. But Mr D is in da place, so here's a quick list of HIS episodes as I listed on Hot Rio Chick's Fb fanpage.
daniel vincent gordh darcy pride and prejudice

No need to thank me, dear... We all luv him...

episode 59: Belly

episode 60: This will not do!

episode 61: The letter

episode 78: Pemberley

episode 80: he's a big fan of her work

episode 83: the cute one

epiode 84: doom & hand on the shoulder

episode 97: belly again

episode 98: further illumination

episode 99: Luv, luv, luv

questions and answers 10: we all love Mr D.

episode Gigi 2 - disaster control

episode Gigi 3 - wandering

episode Gigi 5 - nemesis

episode Gigi 6 - brother and sister
extra 1: Interview

extra 2: What if''s

 And he is back!... Months after the end of TLBD, Mr Darcy is back on a special appearance in a SANDITON episode! IMO the episode is blegh! and I miss Lizzie, but...

Did I miss anything?

 As soon as I catch up, will tell you more about how  
I love this fanfic.
daniel vincent gordh darcy pride and prejudice

bj, see ya

200 years mr darcy stamp

  1. I just love keepcalming. Can't help it.
  2. Most images used here are from the great Socially Awkward Darcy. Tks, dear.
  3. I keep updating this cuz I love P&P and this is BICENTENARY, bitcheees!

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