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Voting on the Hottest Mr. Darcy

If you were Lizzy Bennett and had all the power over Darcy, which one would you choose?

Hi! I´m so happy about how this blog is going! 

Thank you all for visiting! I´ve added a greeting and a Facebook link in several languages to let you know I enjoy your visit! If I haven´t added yours, I apologize. Let me know and I´ll do it ASAP.

Also very happy with ‘How Darcy persuaded Lizzy’! Thank you all for the lovely comments and for taking Lizzy’s (or Darcy´s) side. 

Today´s post was short but intense, right? Were you disappointed at Lizzy? Are you rooting for her still? Or incredulous with her motivations?

During the week, I´ve gotten several yummy yummy suggestions to put a face on this Hunkish Darcy. I have a Darcy in my head that is a mix of several actors: he is tall, brawny, lean, athletic, dark hair kinda straight, 6’3” to 6’5”, tanned. Well, I´m Brazilian, so tan is not a problem here…

Lizzy for me is 5’5” to 5’7”, lean and a little thin (they talk about why she lost weight and since then she has been striving not to gain it back),curvaceous,  athletic, long wavy chair – originally dark brown but she highlights in honey color), dark full manicured eyebrows, long lashes, light skin.

After a heartfelt discussion with my hubs, we arrived at Ana Paula Arósio for Lizzy. She is just perfect, even her voice.  Only as she is a model, she is really thin and Lizzy has more curves.

Ana Paula Arósio as Elizabeth Bennet

That said, THIS Lizzy needs a Darcy. I have a Brazilian cast but was suggested these Hunks, so I need your help to choose one.

If you were Lizzy Bennett and had all the power over Darcy, which one would you choose?

Thiago Lacerda as Mr. Darcy # 1
Jamie Bamber as Mr. Darcy # 2
Raoul Bova as Mr. Darcy # 3
Dylan McDermott as Mr. Darcy # 4

Sakis Rouvas as Mr. Darcy #5

So, what´s your choice?     

Who would be the hunkiest Mr. Darcy?

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Results next Wednesday in another double chapter post!

Thank you for visiting and voting.    

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