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quarta-feira, 18 de abril de 2012


Another post from sunny and hot Rio. Now we’re not melting under 40º degrees but just as stuffy.

Stuffy too is Darcy´s head… No matter how much we retell his lovely story, he always does the wrong thing… He doesn´t seem to avoid Hunsford.

In canon, he tries to propose and Lizzy tells him to shove his good intentions up ***. Here in Friendship of a special kind or ‘How Darcy persuaded Lizzy’, he merely invites her for a hot week. But oh, so daftly…

Keeping Hunsford in mind and waiting for Sunday’s post – worth waiting, I guarantee – I listed several Hunsfords. Maybe studying it we can help Mr Darcy overcome its disaster!

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Austenonly tells us all about BBC 1995 Hunsford.

How about a stay in Hunsford, I mean, really! Hunsford suite at 'Come right Inn' B&B. All rooms are named after Austen sites!

Depending on how much you enjoy it, you can even buy a house at Hunsford St., corner with Pemberley Drive (!!!), or maybe in Cincinnati.

Look at this adorable proposal, his heart on a platter! How could she say no? Well, we all know why she did... You can have adorable itens or just brouse the lovely map.
The Sims version =D

Playmobil version for 1995 Hunsford and 2005 rainy gazebo. =D
not even a Playmobil Darcy can resist taking a picture with late poet Carlos Drummond de Andrade´s statue at Copacabana beach! haha

1940 Hunsford, conspicously like Scarlett O'hara... I wonder what inspired what.

1980 Hunsford, where Lizzy is too... girly?

1995 Hunsford, Firth.... *sigh*

2005 Hunsford, wet! 

And last but definetly not least, McFadyen READS Hunsford! Oh, Lord! Jane must be so proud of her writings!...

Add your fave Hunsford too! Comment.
Bj, see you.

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