& Moira Bianchi: Prejudice, Pride and Coffee

Prejudice, Pride and Coffee

A Pride and Prejudice inversion, an exciting new romance

How would Jane Austen’s classic be if Mr. Darcy were stripped from his fortune and fell in love with a rich woman? And what if he even were handsome enough to tempt the sweet, spoiled and gorgeous Elizabeth Bennett, but she resisted?
Pride and Prejudice is turned upside down in this romance novel where Rio de Janeiro is both witness and accomplice for an enthralling and infatuated love story spiced with caffeine, for refined palates.

The idea of upending Austen's classic has always enchanted me and I always searched the many great fanfic forums but never found one. 
One day last year my inspiration fairy hit me hard with a complete story in one coup: who Elizabeth would be, how Darcy could be described, which characteristics would be inherent to each in spite of the switched wholes.
The result is an addictive, exaggerated, fast-paced and exciting love story.

Originally written in Portuguese (my first one), it's set in Rio de Janeiro and the city plays a major whole. 
It could be set anywhere else, New York, San Francisco, Miami, wherever but I still think it belongs to the city I live in and love ardently.

It's like this:
He is Michael Bolton, she is Madonna.
He, as a boy, played with homemade slingshots, she did ballet with her sisters (only 2: Jane and Kat).
He was an overachiever student, she was a whiz who spent weekends yachting with her father.
He needed to save money for years in order to buy his own small flat, she always lived in a big luxurious penthouse in a posh neighborhood and had the Concrete Christ outside her bedroom window.
He rowed early in the morning, she practiced aerial dance in the evenings.
He was proud to be a lawyer, she had a degree but never worked in the area.
He liked flavored coffee creamers, she was adamant on pure, thick and strong espresso shots.

So many differences and red lights that meant next to nothing for when they met it felt like and explosion... just like that first sip of coffee in the morning, the first one that'll make a busy day bearable.
Comforting, oh yes!
Tempting... a lot for him and not so much for her.

Let the seduction dance begin!

A story with a few twists, sharks, dolphins, a big bad wolf, fine eyes in the face of a beautiful woman, high heels, bow ties and an overwhelming passion set in Rio in the space of an year. 

A middle-class Mr. Darcy head over heels for a rich and gorgeous Elizabeth Bennett.

One book seemed to lack space to give the side characters voice so it'll have a little more...

Coming soon.

for mature readers

Lizzy Bennett's home

For mature readers.

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