& Moira Bianchi: Jane Austen favor box - a lovely freebie for you!

quarta-feira, 7 de junho de 2023

Jane Austen favor box - a lovely freebie for you!


I found this lovely favor box tutorial on instagram and gave it a Jane Austen feel to it!

It's really simple to fold, almost no glue needed and very little cutting.

You can fill it with tea bags, instant capuccino bags, bombons, cards, stamps... 

whatever you'd like to gift your Janeite friend!

How to:

- download the PDF file


- print scale to fit on a A4 paper (can be a shopping bag recycle)

- cut and fold

- unite parts with a pretty little bow

Here is a quick tutorial video.

All thanks to @katharina_tarta_crafts on Instagram for posting this box in the first place. 

She has several other great ideas.

Hope you enjoy it.



obs: the box has images of Gutemberg online version of Pride and Prejudice, currently on public domain. It also uses the font inspired on Ms Austen's handwriting, public domain as well.

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