& Moira Bianchi: 9 ways to live Pride and Prejudiciously - chapter 4 _ PART I

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9 ways to live Pride and Prejudiciously - chapter 4 _ PART I

hi, there.

What can be said about temptation? A lot, right?

In this story, Bertha suffers with good tempting - who could resist the elation of tasting an alternative life?

She did indulge. Again.

Nine ways to live Pride and Prejudiciously
WIP, modern (mostly), adult (you know me...), fun, fluff, heart healing stuff.
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II-Dressed to kill _ PART I

And then it passed a whole month since Bertha had tried the belladama tea. Sometimes she even forgot about the thing for entire ten minutes straight... But, damn, the remembrance of how real it felt kept looping in her mind.

Every night she eyed the big winged mug with the little one hidden inside and the leaves bag jammed between them thinking it couldn’t really be witchcraft. Could it? But Lottie said…

‘Oh, forget about it!’ Bertha shook her head.

‘What did you say?’ Her friend at the Met gourmet candy shop popped her head from the back of the counter.

‘Nothing.’ Bertha smiled. ‘Just talking to myself. Tonight is our big night, right? Finally the ballet will have the opening it deserves…’

‘Oh, yes! Who could have said a simple play about a genius choreographer would need to drag a fight in court to guarantee its right to be performed?’ The girl snorted. ‘And the Traditionalists committee could at least have had the decency to admit it was because the guy was gay.’

‘It was outrageous, a shame to all of us!’

They chatted about the big night, the play, the deceased choreographer, the prejudice, the laws and even about the candy they would be selling, but Bertha kept wondering if the man would show up that night.

If he did, would he notice her like in a fairy tale?

Would the man bring a date?

Would this date be someone like her?

Would her heart break when she saw him with someone else?

Would he even recognize her- wait: how could he? The man wasn't even real, only existed in her dream, not the other way around.

Bertha sighed miserably. It would be a long night.

Long hours standing, sore feet, frustrated heart and Chinese takeout. Bertha was finally home after her shift, eating mechanically while convincing herself not to take the tea again.

Black bean sauce chicken tasted like cardboard because her mind was otherwise engaged in a battle of reason against will. In the end, belladama tea won.

Bertha put down the half eaten Chinese food box, hopped to her bedroom and returned to the living room with the black winged mug. Just as her friend Lottie had explained, she boiled water, filled the smaller cup, added a pinch of leaves, covered and went for a long relaxing shower. Then returned to sieve the magical elixir feeling her heart skip a beat exactly like before a date.

And there it was, the moment she sipped gingerly. With a small smile, holding the small winged espresso cup with care she put away the food, locked everything, turned off the lights and walked slowly to her bed.

There she fluffed the covers, sipped a little more, visited the bathroom, arranged her tired body comfortably over her mattress, finished the tea, sighed and waited.

A few minutes later, she yawned.

Then another, another… And she was asleep.

Merrytown had a busy Tuesday morning that week, the city square was very similar to a bee hive. Cars honking and people moving in all directions going about their business, bikes and cardboard boxes and small delivery trucks.

She knew at least a third of this frenzy was because of her, it felt exhilarating; but what made her heart race at that specific moment was the simple action of changing SIM cards on her cell phone.

Alone – as alone as one could be in a small town's only square at eleven AM in a busy sunny week day – Lizzy sat at a bench under a big tree, opened her purse to fetch a hidden wallet where she kept the extra SIM card, turned down her cell phone, opened the device, made the change, turned the thing back on. By then, she was breathless.

As soon as it came back to life, she got notices:

You have two answered calls

You have three text messages

You have two voice mails

With a smile, she bit her lip and made the call she wanted to, the reason for all the exitement she felt. There was no doubt who those missed contacts were from.

One ring, two, three-


“Hi, William!”

“How are you, babe?”

“Fine, missing you!”

“Me, too.”

“Is everything ok? I mean, are you-”

“I’m great.”

“Good…” She smiled at her shoes. “Listen, I’m gonna be in town this weekend… Would you be free, say… Thursday?”

There was silence for a few seconds, she could hear leaves turning.

“What time do you want me, babe?”

She chuckled. “I’ll have boring stuff to solve all day, so maybe only after seven… Is it ok?”

“Perfect! Where do I meet you?”

“I have no idea, William…”

“Let me choose?”

“You know I trust you completely.”

She heard his chuckle this time. “It’s so good to hear your voice, Lizzy. So long since last time...”

“Yes…” She bit her lip. “Listen, I got to go now, but let me know where should I go.”

“No, you let me know where to meet you.”

“Ah, oh…” She stammered. “We agreed not to do that, remember? Get too close? We’re casual.”

“Where will you be, Lizzy?” He challenged.

“Just tell me where should I meet you.” She shook her head. “I really miss spending time with you, William.”

“Likewise.” He was chuckling. “I miss you too. See you in two days, babe. Bye.”

She disconnected and waited smiling for a few moments. Sometimes he called right back to say sweet nothings, little tidbits of naughty stuff she loved to hear but a whole minute later, as the phone was still dead, she turned it off to switch back to her official SIM card. If Lizzy had waited half a minute more, she would have had the pleasure to get a very lovely call.

Back at her offices in the old fire station, things were chaotic, there was a world of things to be done until the next day when Lizzy and her sister would have to take their small family company to New York to face the biggest adventure they had had so far.

It rained a bit, but she was so excited that it didn’t matter. The Uber lady left her in front of the hotel he said he’d be waiting, Lizzy was confident she looked fine, had had a few drinks at the party she had been that afternoon… She was ready to roll.

As soon as she stepped into the foyer, she saw him looking as good as ever. Tall, dark and handsome, the man was leaning against the wall under the light of a planter, dark pants and light shirt with his jacket draped on his arm, casually waiting for her. A lazy smile stretching a chin strap beard with mustache – that was new! It made him look younger…

As soon as she stepped into the foyer, he saw her looking as good as ever. Lovely curves inside a lovely shimmering one shoulder red long party dress, those beautiful legs showing through the tasteful high slit when she took steps towards him, feet in nude high heels, big smile and shining eyes. To him it always felt like winning the lottery when he called and got her instead of voice mail like that afternoon when he offered two choices: the Park’s Boat house restaurant of the Hotel penthouse Restaurant. “Let’s be practical, William.” She said. He had loved that. In fact, he loved most of everything about her.

‘Hello, there.’ Lizzy said when she was close. ‘Do I know you?’

‘I hope so.’ Darcy’s smile grew on his lips. ‘Or else I’d turn this hotel around to find an opportunity to introduce myself to you.’

‘This beard is so cool!’ She rose on tiptoes to kiss his cheek leaning a hand on his arm and felt his hand on her waist. ‘I loved it, you look younger.’

‘I’m glad you do.’ He returned the kiss to her cheek. ‘You look absolutely stunning.’

‘Thanks.’ She blushed almost the color of her dress. ‘We had this party this afternoon, it was a bit over the top but we simply had to go. And when you suggested the Boat house I thought about returning home to change, it’d be so unpractical…’

‘Ah.’ He pressed his lips. That was practicality. ‘Shall we?’ He motioned to the elevators with a hand, the other still on her waist.

‘Did I make you wait for long?’ Lizzy blinked unable to shake the elation of finally being close to that man again, he was gorgeous. ‘I had to come up with an excuse to escape the party before it ended.’

He shook his head. ‘I had just arrived.’

‘Did you come directly from work?’ She pointed at his jacket folded over his arm, he nodded. ‘We could have made other plans if this is a bad time for you.’

‘Not at all.’ He assured her, pushed the card in the elevator’s slot and pressed ‘penthouse’.

‘You really meant dinner.’ She smiled sideways and took a step aside. ‘Oh, William, I’m sorry.’ She bit her lip and controlled her frustration. ‘If I knew you had someone now or-’

Before she could finish, he pressed her against the back of the steel cubicle. ‘Do you prefer room service?’ He whispered on her lips before the devilish tease of a kiss.

‘Yes, please.’ She breathed.

Barely turning his head, he stretched one arm to press ‘12’ and returned to hug her tight, a hand holding a butt cheek, the other her neck. ‘Who cares about food?’

‘Not me.’

‘I won’t let you worry about food or anything else besides me for a few hours, babe.’


‘Yes, good.’ He mumbled in her mouth already opened to receive the kiss he’d give her, but it was a short one because they arrived at their floor.

‘I hope there aren’t any cameras here.’

‘I bet there are.’ He chuckled giving her his jacket in case she wanted to cover her head as they searched for the 1201 suite.

It didn’t matter much if it was big or luxurious, what in fact it was, they didn't even admire the view. Hungry mouths and avid hearts kept them glued from the moment the door closed with a heavy thud.

‘We’re going too fast, don’t you think?...’ She breathed on his neck trying hard to keep on her toes, fingers holding his shoulder for balance.

‘Months waiting, Lizzy. We’re actually going pretty slow.’ He kissed his way down her neck pushing the single strap her dress had down her shoulder.

When it stuck, she took a step back for balance, put down his jacket in a nearby chair and opened the concealed side zipper. Then smiled as he smiled helping the dress off her.

Darcy smiled both to see the pretty woman only in her small underwear and to make sure what he guessed when she arrived: the dress had a good label. ‘JaLee Bennett.’ He said tossing the red dress over his jacket.

‘How much do you know about women's clothes, William?’

‘Enough to say this label is perfect for you.’ He got her by the waist with both hands, sat her over the table and stood between her legs. ‘In fact, you are perfect.’ A deep kiss as she scooted to the edge to rub against him. ‘Too perfect for me.’

‘Am not.’ She bit his beard putting her thumb in his mouth. ‘But you have too many clothes on, I love to see you naked…’

His hands that were busy on her breasts over her strapless bra, moved to take off his shirt and he smiled holding her thumb between his teeth when she held the volume in his pants. In no more than a minute they were both barefoot and dressed only in their underwear.

He took her finger from his mouth and bit her ear. ‘That’s how you like me, only enough covered to take off as you taste.’ The devilish smiled returned to his lips as he felt on her trembled more than saw her reaction to his whispered words. ‘I know you’re ruining this new underwear you bought just for me, aren’t you?’ She nodded. ‘I like you naked.’ He leaned both hands on her sides on the tabletop, making a huge effort to resist touching her butt and keeping the act. ‘Do it, babe. Now.’

And then he had her naked, ready, eager, all over him. Darcy didn’t even see how Lizzy pushed him to fall on top of the big bed.

A few hours later, he blinked lazily. ‘I say shrimp.’

‘Ok…’ She conceded.

‘Champagne?’ He offered.

‘How about…’ Her voice sounded close to his chest. ‘Wine? Red?’

He trembled with a kiss on his chest, dangerously to the left of one of his nipples. ‘Better white.’

‘Can’t you indulge me and have red?...’

He had a heavy wet face towel folded over his eyes, arms behind his head forbidden to touch the absolutely gorgeous and naked woman straddling him in their naughty game where he pretended to be bonded, how could he not indulge her in anything else? ‘I’d rather have white.’ He insisted. 'Please.'

‘You’ll have red.’ Her voice was stronger now. ‘And that’s final.’ An order.

Aroused beyond resistance, he turned them and as she yelped he easily connected. They fitted so well together, it was a pity they only met casually and sporadically.

‘Oh!’ Lizzy complained. ‘Oh!...’ ‘She moaned.

‘Yes…’ He agreed moving fast at first, then slowly to savor the moment. ‘Oh, so fine.’

They chuckled together.

More than an hour later, over the late dinner of linguini and shrimp with red wine, they discussed spending the night together, but she would have a busy weekend ahead.

‘At least tomorrow night?’ He asked.

She shook her head, mouth full. ‘Saturday night, can you?’

‘Maybe, later than we met today.’

‘Me too. Nine? Maybe ten.’

He nodded. ‘Ten, and we spend the night.’

With a small smug smile of someone thrilled to be wanted by such a handsome man, she nodded. ‘Deal.’


‘I have something for you.’ He reached his jacked under her dress and took a small packet from each pocket, she giggled. ‘A bit jammed, I know.’

With a happy little smile, Lizzy opened one to find a simple black t-shirt, the ones tourists love to buy. ‘Success?’ It had the capital letters printed in bold white right on the chest.

‘You said big business meetings waited you here this weekend, so.’ He shrugged.

She giggled more, leaned over the table and kissed his hand holding the wine glass. ‘Thanks, William. And the other?’

‘For me, actually.’

‘Naughty?’ She raised an eyebrow to the little box inside a black plastic bag.

‘Can be.’ He grinned watching her fine eyes intent on her delicate fingers opening the packet. ‘Hope you’ll send me plenty of nudes.’

‘A cell phone?’ Lizzy blushed. ‘Expensive, huh?’

‘Not really, but it takes two SIM cards.’ He kept a serious face. ‘This afternoon it was great to be able to talk to you when I called, babe; I had to get the voice mail you never answer. And today you said ‘I had your SIM card on’ so, this way you can always have me on line.’

‘We agreed to be casual…’

‘Casuals can keep touch. Or not?’ He put down his fork. 

'Sure, but-'

‘You'd rather only can call me whenever you’re horny.’

She laughed. ‘That’s not it!’

He raised an eyebrow in challenge.

‘Ok.’ She gave in. ‘Fine, I accept the gift. But if you cling-’

‘You’re so full of yourself…’ He shook his head. 'I bet you'll be the one to text me all the time.'

‘Oh, shut up.’

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