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9 ways to live Pride and Prejudiciously - chapter 4 _ PART II

hi, here I bring you the second half of the second dream.

It got too long, too many details so it'd be better to part so you could enjoy it slowly.

Temptation can be very sweet when you decide to indulge, Bertha dived in. 

But it can't go on indefinetly, can it?...

Nine ways to live Pride and Prejudiciously
WIP, modern (mostly), adult (you know me...), fun, fluff, heart healing stuff.
read PART I

II-Dressed to kill _ PART II

continuing from PART I
Friday night, Lizzy was dead tired from the work load she had accomplished and could only think about a long bubble bath before her bed. Warm water, peppermint scented gel, a glass of wine, low music on the mp3 and as she undressed she heard the new cell phone beep.

Good evening. Busy?

She smiled simply for receiving a text from the gorgeous William.

Hello. Just bushed. You?

Having a night cap. 
Would love a nude.
Can I have one?

Already inside the tub covered in bubbles, toes wiggling, she laughed reaching for a towel to clean up a bit and snapped a sexy picture of her shoulder, neck and part of her face, mouth in a pout.

Promising. What else can I get?

How about pay back?

You only had to ask, ma’am.

She called him immediately. “William!”

“I thought you’d wait until I sent the picture…”

“No, come on!...”

“Does it mean I won’t get a nude?”

“You saw me naked yesterday, not twenty-four hours ago!”

“Can’t I save you?”

“Yes, in your memory…”

The happy banter lasted until the wine was finished and the bubbles helped her body relax the busy day’s work load.


Backstage of a New York Fashion Week runway show was chaotic, especially for a small brand such as JaLee Bennett. It wasn’t their first show, but it certainly was their most important one.

After years of steady but humble success, Jane finally convinced Lizzy they needed an agent to help elevate their small business of deluxe party clothes in the map. Boosted by their agent’s revolutionary ideas, Jane – the creative mind – had put together a pristine bridal collection, their first. So, this show was their debut in many ways: not only they would be amongst the jet set of important designers  they would playing with the big guys, they’d have a full collection. 

And it was exactly for it that Lizzy was so uncomfortable.

She worked diligently to make the show a success, to keep the company working while her sister made sure the production went smoothly but the idea of exploding the small family business into a major company didn’t thrill her. It was unsettling, she was afraid she'd lose control of their child.

But the day had arrived and there they were, about to host a major runway show. Models paraded everywhere, a big makeup and hair team, their gowns hung in order they’d go on stage, photographers, even a small video maker crew producing a making of documentary.

‘Earth to Lizzy.’ Jane snapped her fingers in front of her sister’s face. ‘Hello?’

‘Everything will be fine, right?’ Lizzy blinked but her eyes didn’t focus on anything.

‘Yes, of course!’ Jane hugged her younger sister. ‘Look at us, hosting a Saturday evening runway show at New York Fashion Week! Yeah!’ She clapped happily.


‘Five minutes everyone!’ The stage manager yelled.

‘I’m freaking out.’ Lizzy bit her lip.

‘If we can pull this out, we’ll be a big success; just like your t-shirt says and our life will be a lot different.’ Jane pointed at Lizzy’s chest.

She smiled down at the gift now embroidered in rhinestones. ‘I hope so.’

‘Here you are, girls!’ Charlotte the agent, ducked to avoid hitting a rack of black evening dresses. ‘Finally found you in all this madness!’ She grinned. ‘We have a full house, all our VIP guests have already arrived including the big stores. Pemberley’s guys are in the front row.’

Lizzy groaned, Jane clapped again.

‘Please, stop this simpleton thinking, Lizzy.’ Charlotte complained. ‘You have to have a retailer collection.’

‘Don’t see why. We do pretty well in small stores, they sell out before the season ends, our customers enjoy pre-ordering, they wait our releases.’

‘Imagine having these customers multiplied by thousands!’

‘Imagine our dresses copied by thousands, hung in stores across the country!’ Lizzy frowned.

‘Exactly!’ Both Jane and Charlotte said together.

‘One minute!’ The manager yelled. ‘Models line up! Sound check, light!’

‘Here we go.’ Lizzy sighed.

‘Break a leg, girls!’

‘Attention. Release intro video.’

It only lasted seven minutes, but it seemed like a lifetime to both sisters. In fact, they saw their small business’ life pass by them as each skinny model entered the runway in evening dresses until the last four ones wore the bridal collection. So much time and effort and love involved to make JaLee Bennett a sought after brand for party dresses.

‘You two are up next.’ The manager pointed to the runway door. ‘After the models.’

Lizzy and Jane nodded, held hands, took a deep breath. ‘Right.’

‘Still time to run away.’ Lizzy suggested.

‘Very funny.’ Jane squeezed her sister’s hand.

‘Go, go, go!...’

And then Lizzy had to blink to adjust her eyes to the blinding lights of the runway. When the audience saw the sisters behind the line of tall skinny models, the applause grew higher, the back rows even stood.

In their elation, very excited and nervous, the sisters saw a few familiar faces, suppliers, friends, crew members, famous people they knew from TV and social media, and many camera flashes.

At the end of the runway, the models stopped to let the sisters stand in the middle, there was a group hug and as they turned to return, Lizzy saw a very familiar face smiling brightly at her: William.

Gorgeous as ever, dark jacket without a tie, he stood when she passed. ‘Nice shirt.’ He mouthed.

She grinned and continued walking until they entered backstage in a daze. What a marvelous way to finish a great show, her lover witnessing her success before they met later that evening!...

Their agent arranged for a small cocktail party so the sisters could sweeten the most important guests, suppliers and potential clients. The models still took selfies in the evening dresses, threw the bridal bouquets and between champagne glasses, Lizzy was still amazed how it all had come up so well.

‘Lizzy!’ She heard her name. ‘Here!’ It was Charlotte waving from the other side of the backstage where she had Jane talking to other people.

Lizzy maneuvered her way down the crowd, stopped here and there to receive congratulations and pose for selfies until she finally arrived close to her sister. But then, someone else called her and she turned to exchange a few words with one of their oldest seamstresses.

‘I know that the other sister is the problem, I don’t want to waste time taming a shrew in a place like this.’ A deep familiar voice said with contempt.

‘Oh, yes, cheap warm champagne and a crowd of models.’ A woman snorted. ‘But if anyone can get us this deal, it is you, Darcy. You’ve done this before, difficult designers. Find a way to deal with her.’

‘I wouldn’t mind the models if I knew they weren’t underaged.’ Another man, more congenial. ‘But the designer sister, Jane, seems to like our pitch.’

‘There must be a way around the little shrew.’ The familiar voice said with amusement.

Lizzy felt her insides turn, the champagne she had been sipping was dangerously threatening to return.

She took a series to deep breaths to gather courage and approach the conversation.

‘Ah, Lizzy!’ Charlotte grinned. ‘Finally, let me introduce you to very important people right there…’ They took a few steps together. ‘This is Lizzy Bennett, the Lee in JaLee, she manages everything from marketing to supply chain. This is the brain, really.’ A chuckle. ‘These beautiful people are the head of Pemberley’s in person. William Darcy, CEO; Charles Bingley, Marketing; Caroline Netherfield, Purchases. They loved the show and want to have JaLee Bennett in their stores.’

‘All over the nation.’ Bingley balanced on the balls of his feet. ‘We’ve been trying to close a deal with you for a while.’

‘I know.’ Lizzy pressed her eyes at Darcy who kept his eyes at her too.

‘Congratulations, it was a great show.’

‘Thank you.’

‘I missed more red, though. I think I’ve seen beautiful red models from your label.’

She blushed. ‘One can get mistaken sometimes.’

‘I don’t.’

Bingley was still smiling. ‘Maybe we can schedule a meeting for Monday afternoon?’

‘That sounds great, right, Lizzy?’ Jane forced a smile sensing by Lizzy’s expression it wouldn’t be easy to convince her sister.

A slow shake of head was all the answer they got before Lizzy was called to record an interview for the documentary.

Almost ten thirty and Darcy paced the hotel suite feeling caged. He was anxious to meet Lizzy, to congratulate her one more time for her success – this time much more intimately - and for the happy coincidence of her being the very brand they wanted to acquire.

When he finally heard the knocking on the door, he was starting to fear she’d stand him up. ‘Hello, babe.’

Lizzy had her eyebrows knitted together, lips pressed. ‘Hi.’

‘Party lasted this long?’

A deep sigh. ‘Had to cool down before facing you.’

‘Are you ok?’

She entered the suite, put her tote over the table and hug her waist. ‘This shrew is not going to waste your time, Mr. Darcy.’


‘What were you doing there?’


‘Don’t play silly with me, don’t waste my time.’

Shrew. Could she have heard what he said to avoid Caroline’s interest on his attention? ‘I was watching a runway show of a budding label we’d like to have in our stores.’

‘Is that why you talked to me six months ago in that textiles & garment convention?’

He tilted his head like a puppy. ‘No. You talked to me at the hotel bar after the convention because there was mutual attraction.’

‘You knew who I was; it was just a game to you.’

‘I found out you own JaLee Bennett a few hours ago.’

‘Please, be real.’


‘I almost didn’t come here today.’ She groaned. ‘I feel such a fool, urgh! Why would you do such a thing? You’re a major company, you sell deluxe items, my brand is so small… It can’t mean that much!’ She turned away from him, saw the bed prepared to host their encounter, wine and two glasses, felt her insides melt for the night she wouldn’t have with that man. ‘William, that was too low.’

‘You accuse me of… Seducing you? Is that it?’

‘Tell me you didn’t.’

‘I never mix work and pleasure.’

Her eyes showed her anger. ‘You seemed to enjoy yourself when we were together.’

‘Don’t go there.’ His voice grew fiercer; she had gotten under his skin. ‘We both enjoyed ourselves; I don’t recall you having much modesty with me.’ It was a match of angered and hurt hearts. ‘I never mix work with my personal life.’


‘Never is never. It was a surprise for me to see you walk down that runway today. If I knew I’d have found a way to reach out with a business proposal outside our bed before.’ He was serious. ‘But I’d still want to meet you for sex. It’d be great to know how to reach you when your phone is off line.’ 

‘For sex’ hit her hard. Surely that was what they had, casual sex, but… ‘Of course you would.’

‘Why are you weird, babe?’

Her shoulders raised high. ‘Am I not a shrew?’

‘You heard me.’ He passed a hand over his hair. ‘Let me explain. People noticed my attention on you, I’m usually more discreet and don’t like to be talked about.’

‘So you made fun of me.’

‘You are known as the difficult sister in your company, babe. Jane is the designer who wants to make it international, you are the manager who wants to keep it small.’

‘I want to keep it exclusive!’ Her voice grew higher. ‘What I want to avoid my customer arriving in a party to find another woman with the same dress, that’s awful. That is why women crave JaLee.’

‘That won’t happen if you sell in my stores.’

‘Of course it will. You have hundreds of mega stores across the country, outlets, you sell online… We’d have to produce a lot more – wait, why am I discussing this with you? It’s like déjà vu.’

He took a deep calming breath. She was there inside the hotel suite with him, cheeks flushed and shining eyes, the t-shirt he had bought her as a joke all embroidered in rhinestones, tight fancy jeans and high heeled sandals. ‘Let’s not fight, babe. It was a happy coincidence, that’s all. We met by chance while someone else in my company started conversations with yours.’

Lizzy shook her head. ‘It’s not so simple.’

‘Why not?’

‘For you we’re just another brick in the wall, but it’s our life. And even if you were the last man on Earth, even being so gorgeous and perfect, even so, I wouldn’t be prevailed upon to keep meeting you.’

‘A bit exaggerated.’

‘To you, maybe. To me, no.’ She reached for her tote hoping he would hold her arm on the way to the door, but he didn’t make any move to stop her from leaving.


Lizzy did keep using the cell phone Darcy gave her knowing the second SIM card wouldn’t get any calls, but deep down she hoped for it.

Her heart was broken. Although she didn’t want to have a boyfriend, even one as gorgeous and lovely and sexy as he was, knowing he got close for business reasons hurt her pride.

The few times they met had been so sensual, so naughty. Because they didn’t have any close relationship, she could experiment in foreplay, allow her libido a few liberties she wouldn’t have with a regular guy. And he moved along, played and had fun.

Did he?

The doubt ruined everything now, the memories and the possibilities. If until then they weren’t an item, from that point it was clear they would never be.

Six months later, it was time for the textiles & garment convention again, only this year JaLee Bennett would take the stage instead of just watch the show from the corners.

Invited to lead an innovative program of exclusive ateliers inside huge department stores, the small designers’ party dresses brand was supposed to take part in a pocket runway show during the opening VIP party for special investors.

It had a tangy flavor for Lizzy because although it was an exceptionally great opportunity for a small business like hers, it was connected to her ex-lover. She had tried to negotiate a contract in which her brand wouldn’t be included in his stores, but some clauses were unmovable. Still, being inside his houses almost seemed like spying...

With all the pre-show preparations, as most of the creation was her sister’s job, Lizzy had a chance to socialize with the other designer’s crew. To all of them, the new atelier program seemed very exciting because although it kept the exclusivity of the brands and dresses, the items could reach hundreds of new customers throughout the country.

Blinding lights, loud music, beautiful models, the runway show was incredible. The party afterwards, amazing. The several congratulations and invitations to new deals, exciting. 

And in all that, Lizzy’s mind was constantly travelling back to a year before when she met the handsome man and they started the casual relationship – no, the best relationship she had had so far. To be honest, it could have been a great long-term relationship if things had been different, if he hadn’t duped her…

Wandering around the beautiful party, she tried to get interested in a supplier display, another had a cute girl handing folders, a few steps ahead there was a lounge where another cute girl invited people to discover the new experience in department store shopping.

Lizzy smiled, sipped her champagne, entered the dark maze of lighted wall arts explaining exactly what the JaLee Bennett ateliers were doing, and then suddenly she heard his voice, Darcy’s. With her heart speeding, she walked around the maze wall and saw him on the screen saying how this new exclusive type of shopping was revolutionary.

“A woman can enter Pemberley’s, or Macy’s, or Sack’s and commission a dress for an important party from one of our exclusive brands.” He motioned to the designs on the table in front of him. “Here I have Jalee Bennett’s collection for cocktail dresses from which the client can choose and then pick a pre-selected fabric. All accessories such as shoes, make-up, jewelry, everything is also pre-selected for each model but the store has many other choices. When the client returns for her first fitting session, she can already see herself with all her selections, make all the arrangements. It’s time-saving and the designer has control of the final look.”

She was mesmerized; he was gorgeous on camera too.

‘I must have said it right, you’re smiling.’

On screen, he was busy arranging racks on the store with employees, but his voice was clear in her ear. He couldn’t… Lizzy turned around. ‘Will!’

‘Thank you for accepting Pemberley’s offer for the JaLee Bennet ateliers.’

‘It is an amazing program.’

‘Exclusive as you wanted.’

‘Did you agree to join it because of what I said that day?’ She felt her cheeks warm up. ‘I was a little out of line…’

‘I created the program for you.’

She could only blink.

‘You were right, I was near-sighted. Of course, the beauty in what you do is exclusivity. But I can’t-’ He stopped to choose words and put his hands in his pants’ pockets. ‘I don’t want you far. Your terms, your rules, I abide to them.’

‘Sorry, I don’t understand.’

‘Would you want to have dinner with me, tonight? A regular date?’ He checked his watch. ‘It’s still early.’

Lizzy looked at her nude cocktail dress of fluffy skirt and embroidered top with hundreds of wine colored flowers. ‘Can’t think where this would fit.’

He smiled sideways. ‘I’m a huge JaLee Bennett fan.’

She gave back the smile. ‘My sister insisted I used this dress. The nude is exactly my skin tone and the flowers…’

‘Seem to be glued to your chest and arms.’ He said. ‘The most beautiful dress you brought to the runway tonight.’

‘I wasn’t on the runway.’

‘I didn’t notice any other.’

She lowered her eyes thinking if there was a point in postponing what she wanted so much. ‘I’d love to have dinner with you.’

He smiled. ‘Can we go now? I mean, can you leave?’

‘I suppose so, yes.’ She nodded.

At the charming intimate restaurant, side by side around the small table, they were both a little self-conscious trying to make conversation. It had been months since they had last been together and never had been awkwardness between them.

Anxious to explain herself, moved by guilt and longing, Lizzy leaned forward entwining her fingers over the table.

‘I feel I need to apologize to you.’ She waited his reaction. ‘After the Fashion Week runway show, I was very keyed up. Things seemed very... Ardent. It was such a surprise to see you in the front row.’ She smiled, he smiled back. ‘If you were there for me, somehow you cared enough to find out I had that show, it felt great.’ She wrinkled her nose. ‘I know, very girly.’

He chuckled. ‘Believe me, Lizzy, it was a coincidence.’ 

‘I realized that.’ She nodded

He leaned a bit closer. ‘If I knew it was your company, I gladly would have been there for you but I simply had a business appointment.’ 

She leaned farther from him with her mouth in a sad frown. ‘Can’t say it was easy, William, but I realize that the profit JaLee could bring Pemberley would never be big enough for you to do that much. You’d have to get involved with a lot of people to make your business grow.’

‘That’s preposterous.’

‘I know. I’m sorry. And I hated you for making me even consider it. And hated myself for feeling so bad about who you invite to your bed. Then hated you more for making me so jealous.’

‘That’s a lot of hatred.’ He raised an eyebrow, side smile on his face. ‘It seems you spent a lot of time worried about my bed.’

A sad sigh. ‘Awfully long time.’

‘I’m glad.’ His smile grew. 

She frowned. ‘No need to gloat, your ears may have burned on occasion. I cursed many of your generations.’

He chuckled. ‘Didn’t bother me.’

‘Silly me, then.’ She rolled her shoulders. ‘Wasting my time when you had your mind somewhere else.’

‘Near you, my mind was always trying to find ways to mend the bridge between us.’ He held her eyes. ‘If I knew you were inclined to accept me anywhere close, I’d have tried to reach you. What you said about exclusivity each time made more sense for me in every way, in business, in our relationship.’ His big hand opened over the table in a silent invitation and she held it. ‘As I said before, I’ll abide to your rules, especially if those will grant me access to your bed. ‘

A smile. ‘You’re offering me exclusivity?’

‘I’m asking for it.’

‘In business or?...’

‘Every night I wished you were alone too, or that I were the one with you; jealously bit us both.’ He teased, she blushed. ‘Once this try-out season ends, if JaLee Bennet decides to sign ateliers contracts exclusively with Pemberley instead of the big three stores, it’ll have deluxe prerogatives.’

‘Oh, wow!’ She pressed her fingers against his.

The waiter with fancy menus distracted them and Lizzy couldn’t help but chuckle. ‘For once, we’ll dine here in public?’

‘Like normal people.’ He answered ironically. ‘I considered calling you many time, to invite for this normal people date.’

She nodded, eyes on the trout stuffed with crab. ‘The extra SIM card was always on line.’

‘But you never called, nor texted.’

‘I considered-’ The waiter arrived to take their orders, she nodded smiling and leaned for a whisper. ‘You could say you tamed the shrew.’

Darcy pressed his lips, shook his head but waited until they had finished ordering and the waiter had left.  Then he raised their entwined hands for a kiss on her fingers. ‘Sorry again for saying such a thing and for you having to hear that. The silliness about taming the lovely shrew could be said, yes, but I don’t think people care that much about who I date.’

‘You’re the boss.’

‘As long as the company is healthy, that’s all they care.’

Lizzy pulled a sassy face. ‘Such a handsome boss... Of course all women care who you date!’

Darcy leaned to steal a sweet fast kiss. ‘I want to date the JaLee Bennett brain, the girl who wears the prettiest dresses that could be on the runways.’ His nose lingered close to her skin. ‘But I’m glad she doesn’t and I’m the lucky one to appreciate.’

‘Thanks.’ She twisted her neck a little to steal one more small kiss. ‘This teasing and my shoes killing my feet... We’d better behave or else we’ll have to order in again.’

‘Let me take care of your feet.’ One of his hands found her knee over the delicate dress, she trembled, he chuckled and caressed down her leg. ‘Come on, give it to me.’

‘Really?’ She blinked leaning away for balance as her sore feet left the murdering shoes. ‘That’s pretty erotic...’

‘We’re no strangers to erotic massages, Babe. ‘

She had to lock her knees when his big hands touched her foot, her eyes almost rolled upwards. ‘Don’t do that...’

‘What?...’ He knew what it was, guessed what she felt and tried the long stroke again. Her foot over his knee under the table, in the middle of the crowded restaurant, it seemed so sexy they were both on edge.

If their food was excellent or just fine, they couldn’t say, their mind was filled with erotic promises.

‘Can I choose a hotel here nearby?’ She asked in a groan as her feet slipped in the shoes again after dinner. ‘I’d rather not go far.’

‘A car will take us home.’

Her head turned to him immediately.

‘I want to take you to my place. Would you like to go? I can lend you loafers.’ He chuckled. ‘And PJs.’ She raised her brows. ‘Actually, I feel very confused because I miss seeing you naked but you look so gorgeous in this dress I can’t seem to decide.’ 

‘Is home too far?’ She wouldn’t last long after such a delicious confusion in such a gorgeous man.

‘A cab can get us here at the door and at home you’ll just have to walk down the lobby.’ She was still uncertain. ‘I can carry you, babe.’

‘I can walk. I think.’

Lizzy managed to walk with dignity out of the restaurant and inside his posh lobby where he introduced her to the uniformed doorman.

‘Miss Bennett will be my frequent guest.’ 

But once they were safe inside the elevator, she took off the shoes. ‘Oh, dear! Look at these blisters!’ She winced.

Darcy held her calf and caressed from shin to toes. ‘I’ll take care of you.’

‘You’ll kill me, that’s what you mean.’

He chuckled. ‘I might, but in a good way...’ A promise or warning such as that whispered close to the collarbone right before a sweet kiss was indeed mortal. 

‘Now I have to attack you.’ She hugged his neck and rose on her toes to reach his lips.

‘We have enough cameras here to host a reality TV show, babe.’ He regretted having to curb her passion. ‘Let’s wait just until we’re safe inside.’

By the time they entered his spacious apartment, she was impatient; he was burning, ready for the kiss Lizzy craved to give him.

‘I have something on my mind since I saw you earlier this evening.’

‘Can it wait?’

‘Huh-huh.’ His hands were on her butt and lower back pressing her against him. ‘I hoped you’d be in red, but I underestimated your sister’s talent. You look stunning, naked with flowers glued to your chest.’

‘Nude fabric.’ She leaned away from him to pinch the sheer filmy mesh.

‘Perfect, a perfect fit.’ His big hand caressed the curve of her shoulder, then outlined a breast and rested on her waist. ‘And the whole night I kept wandering if you had any bra on.’

‘Yes!’ She giggled.

‘Can you take it off keeping the dress on?’

She blushed. ‘If you help with the zipper.’ With a small twist, she pointed at her back.

Almost salivating as a big bad wolf, he pushed her hair aside and lowered the zipper until the bra hooks appeared. Her deft fingers worked quickly and soon the strapless skin color lingerie slipped out of the dress. A big smile took Darcy’s face as he zipped her up again. When she turned to him, her chest was much the same but the lovely breasts looked rounder. ‘So beautiful.’ He breathed.

The tight hug from the door carried them to the dining room where he put her on the table and reached inside the fluffy skirts to take off her panties.

‘Oh, wow!’ She resisted locking her knees, insides melting. ‘Am I desert?’

He nodded taking a chair to sit. ‘I’m very hungry, babe.’ His eyes were intent on her knees, she blushed furiously, he licked his lips preparing to taste again the sweet flower she had.

‘Oh, wow...’ With a deep sigh she willed herself to relax and enjoy the exquisite pleasure awaiting her.

Sprawled naked over the nice bushy living room rug, she stretched and sighed contently. He smiled. Moving any other muscle would take a few more minutes of energy gathering.

‘I’m hungry.’ She said. ‘How about you?’

‘I could eat.’ He answered. ‘You. Again.’

‘Oh, good heavens, yes, please.’ She begged, he chuckled. ‘Thank heavens for your appetite and skills.’ In a moment she was flat over him. ‘You are a master.’

‘Only because you’re a delicacy.’

‘So naughty.’ She dived in for a kiss. ‘I’m thinking of a very naughty thing to do.’

‘Give me just a few more minutes to rest.’ His fingertips traveled up her back from buttocks to shoulders.

She twitched. ‘That’s nice, this teasing.’

‘In a few moments won’t be a tease any more...’

‘Mmmm...’ Shhe moaned on his lips. ‘I’m thinking about calling you.’ She bit his lower lip. ‘From my regular number.’ Both brows raised. ‘So the extra SIM card can be discarded.’

‘How brave of you!’

‘If you’re gonna mock me...’

‘Boyfriends are allowed to make fun of each other.’

‘And that’s what we’ll be?’

‘Aren’t we? Real cellular numbers, real identities, business partners, exclusives...’

‘I guess.’

‘Every time you’re in town, you’ll stay here with me. ‘

‘Oh, wow, that’s huge... Way bigger than official phone number. ‘

‘You can have this between business meetings.’ He wiggled his brows.

‘This is pretty nice.’ She wiggled her naked hips against his and giggled as he moaned. ‘Let’s have French toast before we decide to have each other for supper?’

‘Can’t we have that for breakfast?’ He complained watching as she got to her knees in all her naked glory. 

She tried to curb the small smug smile. ‘Are you inviting me to spend the night?’

‘Did you intend not to?’ He reciprocated the smile. ‘This lovely grin you do is very sexy.’ A stolen kiss on the corner of her lips. ‘Why do I deserve it?’

Lizzy raised her shoulders. ‘Can't help it... You're hot, it's very flattering to know you want me as much as I want you.’

Darcy pressed his eyes, scratched his chin. ‘I think we should have coffee now, so we make sure we’ll be up the rest of the night.’

A giggle to dissolve the thrill running through her body. ‘I like French toast, am good at it. I promise, you’ll like the ones I make. Come, help me find ingredients.’ She offered her hand, he took it and as he stood, they carried the kiss to the big kitchen.

‘Eggs and milk in the fridge, obviously.’ She said happily. ‘Bread in the cupboard?’ Before he could answer, Lizzy opened doors and found several types of mugs. ‘Oh, how sweet! A collection! I have one just like this, black with wings-’


Slow blinking brought Bertha back to her room, the white ceiling with the old lamp, the shades a little loose at the left corner, the TV high on the wall, the book case; and her eyes adjusted to her domain. Oh, damn! That had been a very vivid dream!...

She was assertive, sexy, strong willed.

What a pity she woke up.

Bertha turned on her side and tried to fall asleep again, but the belladama effect was gone, it had worn off. 

How could she work herself to be that woman with that life conquering that confidence to carry a casual relationship with that kind of man?

Maybe she could start with the easy part: dieting and running... In the dream she was fit, looked damned good in tight panties.

And her sister? So talented!

Shannon Hager
During her long shower, Bertha decided to call her sister Janet to just, mmm, chat.

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