& Moira Bianchi: Thank you, Jane Austen!

terça-feira, 18 de julho de 2017

Thank you, Jane Austen!

Today we celebrate the Bicentenary! Yay!
Somehow this post feels like a deja vu... Anyway, 200 years of death seems like a sad thing to celebrate but like Austen said herself:

'Let other pens dwell on pain and misery.'

I've already said countless times here and everywhere that I met her through S&S and the Dashwood's sweet disposition killed me. Maybe because I don't have a good relation with my sister, I could never understand them - neither how they interact between them nor with their half brother. 
But then, when I read Lizzy Bennet it was love at first line! I loved the character so much that it was possible for me to appreciate Austen's witt and irony.
I do think we - women - all have a touch of Emma in us that we let come to life at one point in our lives and frequently are embarassed to admit. Same as Lady Susan, ha! Love that woman. 
And there is Tilney and Wentworth, Churchill and Bertram, so many people we consider relatives already...
I can only say,
Thank you, Jane Austen, 
for the inspiration that comes with the adoration and admiration.

200 years are nothing, you're here!

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