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segunda-feira, 22 de maio de 2017

My latest historical reading

So, every week I have 2 hours of idle wait for my 7-year-old to attend his English course. To pass time and scape mom-chat, there are books! Yay! As it's a pretty big source of historical delight, eight shelves is my limit.

These were my last companions:

- The sins of Lord Easterbrook by  Madeline Hunter : 
I got quite curious for the Portuguese speaking heroine and the scoundrel with  a tender heart and ingenious hability to read other people's emotions... *thumbs up*
-  Every whispered word by Karyn Monk : 
was enthralled by the archeologist heroine and (brawny) inventor... First time reading Africa set love story for me.
- Almost a lady by Jane Feather : 
naive heroine meets sea captain full of secrets... What's most curious is how it reminds me of my own way of writing... Am I flattering myself?...
- The Widow's kiss by Jane Feather:
intrigue #1: this was the first book that caught my eye, but I put it back
intrigue #2: it starts with 'Derbyshire, 1536'. Derbyshire=Darcy. Good thing for me, but 1500's?... I put it back for the second time and chose another book
intrigue #3: it was quite catchy. Impossible not to feel enraged by the cunning man who destroys the widow to feed his greed and in the end, ha!, he DOES GET IT ALL
intrigue #4: Why hasn't the author finishe the book? Why did she abruptly surrender?
- To kiss a spy by Jane Feather:
Ok, so I enjoy her writing and there are plenty of her titles available but this one... Well... To my surprise, it's a sequel to Widow's kiss. Similar cover and 'kiss' weren't enough for me to see that, I had to find Guinevere and Hugh talking about her eldest daughter Pen to realize. If I did know, would I have read it? Don't know... I don't care for character's offspring. Let me say that I'm not looking forward to the next novel, Pippa's story. 
- The Club by Sharon Page:
I found this pocket edition hidden behind several big ones and it caught my eye because of the ripped off corner - since college I've got this thing for old books. And I looooved it! Thrilling first chapter, I was enraptured by chapter three and making myself slow down by seven or else I'd finish the whole story in a day. Strongly recomend the bold story. Loved it!

To be continued...

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