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sábado, 24 de dezembro de 2016

Let it go

Hello, there.
This time of the year usually make us very nostalgic, maybe Christmas Eve is not as powerful as December, 31st but 2016 brought such a turmoil that I'm looking forward to its end.

I'm not THAT desperate as to sing Elsa from Arendelle, this 'let it go' comes from Baroness Karen von Blixen-Finecke. As a young girl renting VHS tapes in my small home town, Out of Africa was the movie that touched me the deepest because I felt Karen's helplessness. As a teenager in a weird hair phase, I felt for her but more than that it was her struggle to tame both her farm and Dennys Finch Hatton's heart that tugged on me. At the time I thought Meryl Streep's long white face influenced me (it was the first time I saw her), but now I see it's the eloquence in the realization of failure.
A scene I never forget is when in a sudden downpour, the lake she had been trying so hard to build doesn't hold. The employees hurry to rebuild the fragile sand walls and she sighs, hangs her head and says a guttural: 'Let it go, let it go.'
I always remember that.

This is a perfect illustration of 2016.

We had an impeachment of a deeply incompetent lady President (let me not mumble about lost women empowerment opportunities here), saw the Supreme Court work almost exclusively to put order on the Congress' brats and then be challenged by the House leader, the biggest and more gruesome embezzlement scandal that ever existed in this planet, a broken country with beggar states that can't afford to pay salaries, unemployment levels go sky high.
How about the Olympics, you may ask. It was great, so much fun... But prices went up to profit from turists and stayed high, the Olympic Park is abandoned, new subway... well, you know: embezzlement, corruption, 2 governors in jail.
The country and Rio de Janeiro state in such chaos, small business like mine are almost impractical. Some days we feel like Rio is one of those Old West cities with hay balls rolling by.

In spite of all this - or probably BECAUSE  of all this, I managed to write almost daily. As soon as 2016 vanishes, I'll have tons of new stuff to brag about. But frankly, I'd rather wait a few more days and try my hand in 2017.

Very bold of me to wander far from Mr Darcy and Lizzy, but I did. Aside from a reviewed version of Love hurts on Kindle Unlimited, I'll release the full version of Eclipse of the heart and the all new Love inside and out completing my Regency Era Trilogy (aka Moira tries to wear petticoats). And then comes the cats! Lovely Persian cats entwining love stories. Let me take a break to say I'm proud of how this book fitted so nicely around itself.
And a much loved reviewed version of Friendship of a special kind with a few new scenes.

In Portuguese there'll be a lot of new stuff as an alternative version of Prince of Pemberley (JAFF) and a new series of modern fairytales. Maybe these princesses will have an English version...

So, as Karen said: Let it go, let it go... 2016 was tough, but we shall live to see 2017.

Happy holidays!
wash away the bad year, Dennis... Make it all go away... :D

Bright and successful New Year!

C ya

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