FRIENDSHIP of a special kind

Hello, welcome to my first published book's page.

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Download an excerpt: for the first 5 chapters, click here. 

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Enquanto isso, dá para ler 5 capítulos em Português aqui. 

It has been so much fun, the road these Darcy and Lizzy have taken me. I started writing as a way to pass my sleepless nights and all of a sudden I'm an author!

It was great to write it, post, comment and now publish. Endlessly revising and editing was not fun but, 'every rose has its thorns' as Gardy says.

Here you´ll find some extras and the process that the story went through.

  • Playlist: for every chapter there's a song hinting Lizzy's mood
  • Pictures: outfits, places, gifts
  • Cast: a casting of Brazilian actors - not involved in this project, they are only amazing professionals whose work I admire    
friendship of a special kind
Raoul Bova is Darcy, Ana Paula Arósio is Lizzy*

Funny bits

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Mi casa es su casa!

Hey there! It's been a month since the book is for sale and it reached 100 copies sold! How amazing!
To celebrate, I posted a vignette.

Enjoy it here


*Disclaimer: Neither Mr Bova, nor Ms Arósio are involved in this project. They are amazinlgy good looking people that I wish with all my heart would one day consider reading this story out loud. Book cover designed by me and the amazing talent of Ideias & Kits.