& Moira Bianchi: Just one more try

segunda-feira, 26 de dezembro de 2016

Just one more try

So, I've said it soon enough... 2016 can't stop being horrible.
I'm terrified to write this even...

George Michael
no, 2016, no!

I have so much to say about my favorite artist ever that I seem to be unable to find words. How ironic.

His song was love at first chord for me, I fell in love with his work without even seeing his wavy blond hair and funny smile. Always thought it funny, how he smiled (professional smiles, maybe) with his upper teeth perfectly aligned with his lower as if preparing a bite. I'm smiling here but if I don't concentrate, a few tears my escape me - and I think: why would I be so sad for a person I didn't actually know?

I know the impression his work made in my life, my growing musical taste, the parties and dreams rocked by his voice. The sole concert I watched, oh dear... I remember singing in screams, loving every little second. 

When a friend told me about his passing yesterday, I felt overwhelming sadness and then guilt for not being more tuned to what he was up to. But do fans have to like everything a favorite artist produces? I'm not talking about his private life, who he loved and how or where. In my second book he is there in a big live concert and one of the characters say (not about him, take notice): 'Who you fuck don't determine who you are.' I doesn't. George Michael never stopped being the oh-so-cool-and-talented-George-Michael to me.

My thoughts on his passing were: I'll write him a mashup! My humble talent as writer united with his magic... But the only song that comes to my mind is 'One more try' that could even fit the WIP I'm dealing now, Snow White version for my Portuguese series of modern fairy tales but I'm so sad... Bianca and Caê don't deserve such gloominess.

So I'll give my sorrow a few days and my hommage to his talent will come, hopefully from Fastlove. 
For now, I can only say I'm devasted.

Because there ain´t no joy
for a Brazilian girl
whose teacher her taught her goodbye

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