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terça-feira, 11 de outubro de 2016

Me and Ms Jones

We (definetely) have a thing going on...
Besides Mr. Darcy, there is!...

Mr. Mark Fitzwilliam Darcy...
I applauded when the minister said his name - hubs shushed me...

I always loved the movies, hated the books, laughed and groaned with Bridget. And guess what? We're the same age!

Yes, this yet another post about getting old! *sobs incontrollaby*

Renée Zellwegger is a goddess, I mean, always has been a walking stick and had to make an effort to gain weigh for Bridget Jones - and Oh, God, thank you - is 5 years older than me. But Bridget is my age. The birthday in the office fiasco, when they bring her a cake filled with looots of candles, there's a card with a coffin and 1973 written. My vision blurred, I only saw those four numbers: 1 + 9 + 7 + 3.
NY daily news
know exactly how you feel, Bridge

And, aside from Mr. D. (and Firth), me and Miss Jones have this thing about diets, about self image and I cannot help comparing to her. Let´s not talk about Miss Zellwegger, just how Bridget is pictured. 

 A little overweigh in Diary. Ok, me too.
google - all 3 pics
A lot fatter in The edge of reason - I pannicked thinking I might get to that? Oh, God, how awful.

Skinny in Baby. Not me, no. 
Still between Diary and Edge. Sadly.

But now there's not only that, there's wrinkles! 
Shoot. Me. Now.

If with all Hollywood has to offer they looked like that, imagine poor me?
And there's botox there, right? *groan*

Bring wine, 
bring Austen, 
bring rom-com: 
I am depressed!

Will not talk about Ms Zellwegger non-plastic surgery or the plot flaws like the gentleman-to-gentleman talk in the hospital (ugh). Just worried about my age here.

But laughed my heart out with the movie! 
At least that, right?


See ya.

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