& Moira Bianchi: Retrospective 2015 - Geronimo!

quinta-feira, 31 de dezembro de 2015

Retrospective 2015 - Geronimo!

2015 was... wow!

A roller-coaster of emotions and uncertainty, this year has worn me out! Can't say I'm sad to celebrate it's end in a little less than 4 hours. If it's already done for you, I say 'lucky you'!


I started this year finishing the first draft of my 'Prince of Pemberley' after spending 2014 writing and re-writing and feeling stuck in the plot. If you've been reading it, the worst part for me was the moment Darcy asks Elizabeth to divorce her husband, from them on, it took me a great while to finish.

Anyway, I started the year posting The Prince of Pemberley, and by April I had the unfortunate surprise of being (veiled) accused of copying someone else's plot (oh, dear), then released the Portuguese version of '45 days in Europe with Mr. Darcy', then took part in the National Book Fair here in Rio with 3 of my books, then my muse was struck by a lightning and I wrote 3 news books almost in a coupe! It was a creative burst - in 3 months I wrote 'Prejudice, Pride and Coffee' (a story where Lizzy is the rich one, originally written in Portuguese with Rio de Janeiro as their lover), 'Love in Acts' (my first Regency stories - 3 interconnected and independent) and '45 hours in Johannesburg with Mr. Darcy' (a short story to compose a cute little book with friends).


Wow... all that while Brasil is facing a huge horrendous political and moral crisis to make us ashamed of the world. And professionally... let´s not go there.

So, 2015 was so overwhelming I started to look forward for 2016 in November. Just this week I hit the pool with my child and friends and a yellow butterfly felt in love with me. No matter how many kids hovered around me, how many people arrived close, the little delicate yellow butterfly stick to my hat. 

heroes and heartbreakers

I need good vibes and usually use yellow during Réveillon so... 
Say Geronimo!

There was also Rock in Rio this year and during the festival I met the cute group Sheppard. This song is just what I want to shout today when 2016 starts, it's just what 'The Prince of Pemberley' talks about, what the lovely couple from 'Prejudice, Pride and Coffee' do when they meet, what the couples from 2 out of 3 from 'Love in Acts' do: take the plunge.
leap into the unknown
believe in faith
risk it all in the hopes of something bigger and better and new and bright


Well we rushed it
moving away too fast
That we crushed it
But it's in the past
We can make this leap
Through the curtains of the waterfall
say Geronimo!
Can you feel (my love, my love, my love
Bombs away,
bombs away

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