& Moira Bianchi: The Prince of Pemberley - Book 1 - Chapter 8b

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The Prince of Pemberley - Book 1 - Chapter 8b


Unlike last week, this week we had a very exciting incident here: my baby boy lost his first tooth! Yay! 


So, from this chapter on, the whitened lines will abound. To read, select them.
Enjoy! No, really: enjoy! ;)

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It's... Fate.


Elizabeth knocked on his door and called out but he didn’t answer. “It’s divine intervention!” She knocked one more time as a last attempt, sadly thinking he may have left to find better company.

The elevator's ding spooked her and Darcy stepping out of it surprised her.

Suddenly, her ears grew very hot.

He halted and their stares locked. No words came to neither of them; the sparks igniting their insides were enough. That night they had started as friends, then flirted, concealed their feelings, let their passion show and reality win over their delusions. Now their hearts were beating faster because they realized that was it. Why else would Elizabeth have come to his door?

He gave her a shy smile, showed her his room’s keycard slowly walking to his door, opened it and stepped aside to let her in. A string of simple actions made extremely difficult by the effort of controlling his speeding heart. Even the air was too thick for his respiratory system.

As she walked in front of him, it was impossible not to admire that ass inside leather skirts.

Inside his room, she jumped when the lights flashed all of a sudden. Elizabeth was surprised by the size of his suite, enormous compared to hers. A sitting area with a fireplace, light caramel walls and taupe carpet to frame white sofas, an office desk, a separate bedroom with a king size bed to host a king and again she got lost in a haze of silly thoughts.

Darcy never let her out of his sight. He walked slowly towards her rolling up his sleeves, as if preparing to get down on it and embraced her from behind.

‘Have I lost my mind?’ She whispered with her eyes closed, relishing on the pleasurable sensation of being in his arms.

He shook his head ‘no’ brushing his lips on her neck. ‘You held on to it long enough.’

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“… I may seem alright and smile when you leave
But my smiles are just a front... ”


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