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segunda-feira, 1 de setembro de 2014

What to do?...

Hi there...

I'm struggling to tell you the story behind my new Darcy & Lizzy love adventure. Since the idea ocurred to me, back when I was writing Friendship, I had never considered it would be a hard narrative.

Explaining why married people cheat seems like a silly thing to do. People do what they do because... I don't know. I've tried to list a few whys but the point is that I don't want this book to be an excuse for their actions. It's a fine line between excusing their behavior and telling their story.

Have I lost my mind and am overthinking - much like this Lizzy does?

I hope not... I'm now passing the chapter when they decide to start over together. From now on should be easier... I hope so.

I've been toying with the idea of posting this story here on my blog BEFORE publishing. The few people who visit this blog will have the chance to read the whole thing and decide to buy it if they want. Friendship of a special kind was posted in three sites before publishing, Image or Likeness in one and 45 days in Europe with Mr. Darcy is an all new thing released directly on e-book.

Also, there is a side story for Jane, something that I never had the urge to tell so far. Jane is very low on my list of favorite characters but this time she has more depth... Her story will be posted but not included on the e-book/paperback version of the 'Prince'. It'll be free forever... (sick).

Ok... so... If you are curious and haven't read anything I've posted so far, this story is about a married Darcy and a married Lizzy and how they manage to be together in spite of the mess their lives turn into. Exciting?...

I'll get back to work.
Hope that my inspiration doesn't leave me.
Nor do you.


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