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Happy Valentine's day


for us, besides another scorching afternoon where the temperature runs around 40°C, there's nothing more going on. Unlike a better part of the world where it is Valentine's day.

Happy day, friends!

For us, Valentine's is June 12th. Before that we have Carnival, Easter, etc, etc... lots of oportunities to either find a love and eat chocs.

In this line of thought... I've been living with a new Darcy and Lizzy in my head since the New Year's and today they make their first appearance.

Valentine's is a fabulous day to present a(nother) love story, is it not?

I give you... His Royal Highness, Mr. Darcy.

hot rio chick hot fanfic sex naughty

Modern, rated MA, short

She had an awful day at work.

Her research hitting a dead end and the obnoxious new head of department creepier since he found out she was Brazilian. He always attacked her with a stupid question such as ‘Carnival, samba and small bikinis, huh?’ or ‘Aren’t you afraid of the monkeys on the streets down there in Rio?’ or ‘Did your kids accept to leave the jungle to move here?’ to which she could barely disguise her horror expression. ‘Well, London is a civilized city. Your young savages had a lot to adjust, huh?’ the damned guy said sending her a stinky eye.

Her spirits a little down, not much progress could be reached on a Friday afternoon anyway; she decided to leave the office early. If anything, one lesson she had learned from these last few years: don’t be a coward, grow back bones and act on. Let the freak boss notice she was missing that afternoon.

Once outside the faculty building, the cold draft greeted her and more than ever she missed the warm Rio atmosphere where people spoke Portuguese and wore summer clothes all year long. She raised the lapels of her trench coat, tightened her designer scarf around her neck and fished her cell from her pocket to speed dial the only person who could lift her spirits with just a few sweet words.

“Hi Love.” He answered. “I’ll ring you back. Love you.”

“Okay.” She answered even more disheartened than before calling him.

pride and prejudice fanficFrustrated and (yet again) questioning her decision of leaving her whole universe behind to move to England, Lizzy entered Harrods decided on indulging in expensive chocolate. Large Godiva truffles box, cocoa dusted almonds and… what else? While evilly choosing a third fattening indulgence she took a seat at the crispy white and luxurious brown Godiva coffee shop, and asked for a silly designed coffee that cost more than three times what an expensive drink should.

Threatens to her waist and pocket together augmented her anguish trip.

“If you have to indulge, woman, indulge in something that won’t have a nasty aftermath.” Lizzy thought devilishly to herself.

She had a ridiculously hot (new) husband who seemed to be in perpetual heat and there were so many young skanks hovering around rich middle aged men… especially if they were not disgusting, and Lizzy’s husband was anything but.

Those low brows and slanted dark eyes, the meticulously scissored short haircut done by the same barber for the last four years (since she had told him to change hair styles), the slightly receding hairlines, the square shoulders and fairly athletic abs for a forty-six-year-old, strong legs and powerful… tool.

Chocolate – rounder waist – guilt – less sex appeal – hot husband – rich man – young thin sluts.

Why would Lizzy threaten her waist with exceedingly pricey chocolate?

She’d better indulge in something else to appease her frustration.

Something as naughty and hedonistic as chocolate.

Something as delicious as chocolate but that burned calories instead of building a love handle.

Lizzy called home to check on the kids and the household, opened her wallet to make sure she had his credit card, finished her coffee and went for the kill, keeping just one chocolate indulgence for good measure.


Almost an hour later, Darcy smiled to his phone even though he was alone in his office.

“Mrs. Darcy is here at the building’s lobby, sir. She is talking to your driver but there is a receptionist ready to escort her up here.”

“Thank you, Mrs. Clavis. When she arrives, hold my calls. Any important appointment left for today?”

“No, sir.”


What a treat! His beautiful wife paying him an impromptu visit. In the back of his mind, he hoped it was Miss Bennett – secretary and not Mrs. Darcy – hot wife.

Hot wife was delicious, but naughty secretary was… fantastic!

pride and prejudice fanfic

His phone buzzed and he answered his Vice President counting that the man’s famous objectiveness wouldn’t rob him time. When Lizzy arrived, he would be done with whatever it was that his business demanded.


Confidently, Lizzy checked her make up on the exclusive elevator’s mirror and adjusted her trench coat’s waist sash.

It had been a good purchase, this tailored expensive trench coat, all those months ago. As it had been her breast implants surgery six years before and her workout routine and her dieting. Today was a day when she felt rewarded for the effort.

She heard the ‘ping’ and felt the elevator stop so she turned, took a deep breath and walked into the sterile throne room floor.

‘Good afternoon, Mrs. Darcy.’ The thin-well-dressed-witch-like secretary said in a smile that surely resembled a sneer, standing but not leaving her desk.

‘Good afternoon, Mrs. Clavis. How are you feeling? Is your back still bothering you?’ Lizzy asked without slowing her purposeful strides through the large lobby.

‘I’m better, m’am. This new doctor seems to have found where-‘ The woman gasped. ‘Mrs. Darcy! Let me announce you before you enter Mr. Darcy’s office.’

‘It will come a day when I’ll need to be announced to my own husband, Mrs. Clavis.’ Lizzy said arriving close to his door and keeping her voice level. ‘But this day is so far in the future that you won’t see it. Take the afternoon off, my treat.’ Lizzy said imperatively, winked at the stunned woman’s face and entered Darcy’s throne room.

Intent on the last seconds of conversation with his vice-president, Darcy only looked up from his desk a few seconds after she came in. And boy, what a vision!

“Fine, Davidson. Have a nice weekend.” He said on the phone, heard pleasantries back and disconnected. ‘Hello, my love. What a great surprise!’ He leaned back in his chair to look at her.

It’s been twenty-eight years since the first time he saw her smiling eyes and captivating smile in a small photograph she sent him by mail; three years since he met her in person after over twenty years without contact; one since he had made her his wife and still, every time she looked at him, he hoped to receive THIS look back.

pride and prejudice fanfic
“Yeah! Lioness on the hunt.” He thought. “Lucky me!”

‘I called you but you dismissed me. And then you didn’t return.’ She pouted those tempting lips painted dark red. ‘I know, I know…’ She waved her hands in front of her face. ‘Busy, tried to call back, blah, blah, blah.’

‘I did try. Check your phone.’ He answered.

It was one of his little things that got on her nerves. Seventy percent of the times she called him, he was unavailable. Either on the other line, driving, out of range, in a meeting or simply not answering the call, he was mostly unreachable. Lizzy knew he dedicated his free time to her but selfishly she wanted to have his attention every time she demanded it.

She shrugged. ‘I heard a call.’

‘But didn’t take it?’ He raised one of his low brows, a sexy little smile in his thin lips, one cheek bone slightly marked on his handsome face.

‘I was busy.’ She answered pleased with that smile. Her husband was not a beautiful man per se although he was very handsome. His trademark half smile that outlined one cheek bone or the closed lipped smile he let the world see when she was with him were her favorites. When really happy he had a boyish grin that totally transformed his face taking her on a ride back in time to when they were teenagers corresponding via mail (paper, ink, stamps and envelopes; very pre-historic like).

‘Busy.’ He nodded, amused half smile still in place.

‘Your thin witch-in-Chanel of a secretary tried to stop me saying that I needed to be announced to you.’ Lizzy sneered at the word.  ‘I gave her the afternoon off.’ She said poising her purse on the chair in front of his desk.

Darcy stretched and twisted his arm to look at his watch. ‘It’s three thirty in the afternoon, Love.’

pride and prejudice fanficWhen he raised his eyes, she had just untied the sash and was unbuttoning her trench coat. He waited for whatever answer she might give him but froze when she opened her coat.

The go-to-hell black spike heeled boots were a match for black thigh high stockings that ended in lace, tiny black lace thong.

And that was all.

He swallowed and tried to look at her eyes but her breasts wouldn't release his gaze. Those pink nipples…

She took a few steps forward, rounded his desk to lean on it in front of him with her legs crossed. She twisted, took his phone’s receiver and passed to him.

He straightened up in his chair to reach for it, his legs opening to lock her inside.

“Yes, Mr. Darcy?” Came the witch’s voice before he spoke anything.

“Mrs. Clavis, my wife gave you the afternoon off.” He said and waited for the woman’s agreeing sound, his eyes roaming from a curvaceous naked torso to the lace on her thighs. “She’s the boss. Have a nice weekend.”

“But sir-“

He disconnected before the woman could explain anything.

‘The door?’ He asked.

‘Locked.’ Lizzy said letting her tongue fall from her upper teeth in an exaggerated movement between her parted red lips. ‘Luck the morning sun shines directly on your desk this time of the year and you are too lazy to open the blinds after it’s gone.’ She motioned to the big windows on her left.

He nodded. ‘Half closed as it is, only your boots are visible.’

‘Not even my panties, you think?’ She asked leaning further back over the table and uncrossing her legs, pretending to take a look beneath the half closed blinds.

‘I don’t think so.’ He answered touching her legs just above the boots.

‘I can help.’ She said making an effort not to shiver at his touch that she had been craving since sex took over chocolate in her mind.

Lizzy hooked her thumb on the thin straps on her hips and pushed the thong down her legs until her hands met his on her knees. Then she moved her legs this way and that to get free of the lingerie. She let it dangle on her fingers as she bent by the waist almost uniting their lips.

‘No one can see it.’ He answered.

‘Awww…’ She pouted and he kissed her.

His smell, his strong perfume emanating warmly from his shirt’s lapels, soft tongue invading her mouth, the sweet suction making her whole body tingle… it all boiled inside her. Lizzy let the garment fall to the floor and held his face by his ears.

Darcy took hold of her knees to roll his chair closer and pushed one of his legs between hers.

pride and prejudice fanfic
‘Did you like my new boots?’ She asked on his lips.

‘Best thing you bought in a while.’

‘I used your credit card.’ She smiled naughtily.

‘I got a text informing the debt.’ He got closer and shoved his other leg between hers. ‘Best thing I bought for you in a while.’

‘Glad you liked it.’ She sat on the edge of his desk to find leverage and poised one feet on each of his chair’s arms. Before he could prevent it, she pushed him back. ‘I think you need to admire them.’

How could he not? Such perfection, such anatomic excellency. ‘I take pleasure in admiring such a work of art, Miss-‘

‘Mrs. Darcy.’ She corrected him before he could start their secret perverted sex game where she played his secretary. This was no game; this was a wife in need of solace that her husband had the duty to provide.

In Darcy’s case, the way he saw it, there was no marital duty to his beloved second wife that couldn't be answered promptly and thoroughly.

‘Wife, it’s breathtaking.’ He obligingly answered holding her by the ankles. Although his fingers registered the velvety feel of the black suede, his eyes drank the silkiness of her glistening rosy lips.

‘Mouthwatering too?’


‘I’m no English native speaker but I don’t think ‘mouthwatering’ is an adjective that could describe shoes.’ She tapped her index finger to her lips - a useless action since her husband’s eyes never left the apex of her thighs.

‘To hell with shoes.’ He ordered.

She laughed. ‘See something you want?’

Darcy tried to roll his chair closer to his table but her stretched legs didn't allow him. Much to his general pleasure, her muscles were strong and toned due to her running and the time she spent on his rowing machine. Legs that allured and toyed with his libido.

‘I swear to Heavens, Lizzy, you will kill me with these little games of yours-‘

‘No game here, your Highness.’

The old nickname brought his eyes to hers and the delighted smug expression raised his urgency. He stood in a sudden movement and opened his waist buttons.

‘Impudent woman.’ He cursed under his breath, remembering the other two offices in the same floor sharing the spacious lobby. His secretary may have already left but the other one who attended the minor board directors may still be around.

‘Ooooh…’ She mocked puckering her still red (now smeared) lips.

‘Are you still my loyal subject, Elizabeth?’ He lowered his pants and she could admire the bulge in his boxer briefs. ‘Answer me.’

pride and prejudice fanfic‘Yes, your Highness.’ She hissed.

‘Quit toying with me.’

‘I am not in the mood for games.’ She locked her ankles around his waist and brought him to her. ‘Give me what I came him for.’

But, instead of entering her, he lowered his head to force his hips back and licked her right nipple while his hands wandered idly from her knees to her pussy.

‘Urgh!’ She complained in an angry whisper. ‘Now!’

He smiled with his lips around her breast and raised his eyes to her. She frowned back.

He defied, she complained, both silently.

The stare contest lasted until one of his fingers hit home run and she shivered closing her eyes and letting out a long tortured moan.

When air returned to her lungs a few strikes and caresses later, she gathered enough strength to tug on his tie and fumble with his shirt’s button in a clumsy attempt to take it off him. He didn't stand to help and with him bent it took her long minutes to maneuver it off his shoulders.

Resolute in keeping his upper hand, Darcy only straightened when satisfied with her boobs and ready to plunge in his personal haven.
The tie seemed to be a lost cause, so Lizzy concentrated in tossing the shirt on the floor before they started. She managed to do it mere seconds before she saw him position his shaft on her entrance.

A long shared low moan.

A slow thrust.

A cat-like stretch.

An excruciatingly long move back and forth.

‘Have I succeeded putting a ring around your finger?’


pride and prejudice fanfic
‘And you understand that’s ball and chain, right?’


As the movements started to pick up speed she needed to put her weigh on her hands spread on his desk behind her, while he held her by her thighs.

‘Back in the caves of Brazil being married also means you can’t astray, correct?’

‘Let’s not go into that now…’

‘I don’t want to share this….’ A powerfully emphatic thrust to make things clear. ‘With anyone.’

‘Neither do I.’ A caress to his shaft as it slid in and out.

‘Not ever again…’


Several minutes passed while they moved in sync and abandon relishing on the pleasure one saw in the other’s face.

His hands squeezing her hips forced her to her side and he pushed away to have his love bending over his desk.

That office had seen a few debauchery moments but not as frequent and juicy as after this adored woman barged into his life again, twenty plus years after he let her slip away. Since then she had been his friend, his platonic love, his mistress, his girlfriend, his wife.

His wife who had such a delicious pussy, so naughty, so adventurous…

‘More…’ She demanded looking at him over her shoulder.

So beautiful, such a strong woman, so opinionated.  It was incredible how this amazing woman accepted to leave everything and move to England to be his. His, all his, forever.

‘Now, Love…’ ‘More…’

A few more seconds, some more powerful thrusts, a few more… a boob squeeze… a moan… and here it was: his love massaging his dick and there he went.

A last kiss on the back of her neck, a squeeze on her waist, he disconnected and sank in his chair.

‘Aw, fuck, Lizzy. Turn over.’ Darcy mumbled.

She chuckled sprawled on her stomach, jelly-like over his desk but didn't move.

‘Love…’ He panted. ‘I can’t resist you…’ He breathed.

How could he resist THAT view?

She kept chuckling and turned around making a huge effort to stand on those thin heels with such wobbly legs.

They locked eyes and smiled. She gave him a big toothy smile, the kind that made his heart flutter like a school girl’s. He gave her compressed lipped smile, the kind that made both his cheek bones jump and his slanted eyes squint.

These shared smiles were the only love they could make for a long time. Before they realized what it was that united them, the cosmical force that drove Elizabeth Bennett to William Darcy when she was thirteen and he was seventeen; the inexplicable pull that tied the married Elizabeth Wickham to the also married William Darcy. The smiles were their secret language, what let the other know how deep their love was growing.

His phone buzzed distracting them. She glanced at it and raised her brows what prompted him to he lean forward and reach it on his side table.

“Hello, little man!” He said cheerfully in the boyish smile she didn't really like because it was not sexy, it was homely. Somehow it matched perfectly with her teenage son’s grin who was calling her husband now.

Lizzy stood and walked around the table to check her phone in her purse just to be sure her son hadn’t called her before calling Darcy. It had been like this for the last year or so. After they married, Tomtom, her sweet baby boy was more intimate with his new father than with her. She sighed and visited the ensuite bathroom.

“Sure, what is it that you want?... She’s here with me… No, it’s ok. She’s with me but not close now…” Darcy said on the phone but didn’t lower his voice so Lizzy could hear from the bathroom. “A game?... A video game, I see… Well if all the boys at school have it… I suppose I could talk to her.” Lizzy came from the bathroom shaking her head no. “Look, tomorrow we can go shopping, is that ok? No, today I’d like to take my wife to dinner, maybe a movie or a play. Would that be ok?... I see. Would you ask your sister?...” Lizzy rolled her eyes and lay down on the couch to wait for Darcy to suck up to her little daughter. “Hello, my sweet.” Even his voice changed! Lizzy shook her head.  “How was your test, did you ace it? Ah… Nine is also good. Of course I approve. A friend’s sleep over? Mmmm, Doll, let’s talk when I arrive?... Late, I want to take mum to the theater or the movies… I don’t know, any suggestions?... Good choice, I’ll try to find tickets…”

Annoyed with the attention he gave her kids when she was naked in freaking black high heeled boots in front of him, Lizzy sent him a devilish look and snapped her fingers a few times until he raised his head to look at her. When he did, she lifted one leg and poised it on the sofa’s back.

“Doll, I have to go. Love you.” He disconnected. ‘Aren’t you ashamed of your hussy behavior?’ He asked standing awkwardly with his legs trapped by his boxers and pants around his ankles.

‘If you already have had enough and want me to close my legs…’ Lizzy offered.

‘Ha.’ He snorted lifting his trousers.

You should be ashamed of buying their love with gifts I forbid and allowing parties against my orders.’ She accused him.

‘I’m not bribing the kids. I’m raising them with you.’ He explained coming closer, feeling his ability to think straight diminish with each step closer to her opened legs.

‘They have a father and you have daughters of your own.’

‘We have more in common than their progenitor or my grown-up girls.’ He said licking his lips, eyes intent on her hand caressing her body in long strides from shoulder to inner thighs. ‘I’m their father.’

‘Said Darth Vader himself.’ She sneered. ‘I know it’s petty because they are kids but I hate to share you.’ She smiled alluringly to him. ‘Give me your tie?’ She extended her hand to him. ‘It looks ridiculous on you without a shirt and I’m a bit chilled here…’

He shook his head and took the silk thing out of his neck. In the midst of such a generous display of fine pussy he completely forgot about it.

Lizzy sat up, took the tie and threw it behind her. ‘Come, your Highness… I still have matters of state to settle.’


‘It’s a pity we couldn’t attend the play Camila suggested.’ Darcy commiserated as he tested the tub water with his hand. ‘I think she was hurt when she asked us about it.’

‘I didn’t have a dress…’ Lizzy grinned. ‘… and my work clothes were in the car. I’d rather have a root canal treatment than ask our driver to bring to your office the bag of clothes I gave him three hours earlier.’ Lizzy answered. ‘Maybe you could treat Cami to the theater next week, if her grades keep this good…’ She said distractedly checking her e-mails on her phone at the bathroom’s door.

‘I’d love to.’ He smiled. ‘Maybe Diana and Danielle would like to go as well.’

Lizzy giggled. ‘You are such a typical middle aged man! You should be avoid of such a cliche.’

‘Excuse me, Marquise. Why am I so lame?’ Darcy asked annoyed. He hated when she pointed out how old he was – especially when she proved how older than her he was. At least in personality, she was a good ten years younger than him.

‘Silly man all excited about a night on the town with young girls!’ She teased him and poised her phone on the vanity before taking off her bathrobe.

‘Our daughters!’ He complained.

‘Young girls on your arm!’ She laughed. ‘And then, I’m sure you’d take them to a nice five-star restaurant where they wouldn’t find anything they liked to eat but where you’d feel comfortable.’

‘Well…’ He blushed and she laughed. ‘But I would come home to you.’ He entered the tub and motioned for her to settle between his legs.

‘You’d better.’

‘Without any pit stops.’

pride and prejudice fanfic‘If you know what’s good for you.’ She hissed as her delicate parts skimmed the warm water. ‘Ouch!...’

‘Sore?’ He asked holding her hips to help her lower slowly into the water.

‘Yes…’ She breathed as she finally sat down using his bended knees to brace her weigh. ‘I think we overdid it this afternoon.’
‘It’s nonsense you call me an old man when I’ve just showed you how pleasurable a third time can be.’

‘Smug jerk!’

He laughed, delighted with the intimacy, sedated by the amount of endorphin still circling his veins after an afternoon of sex indulgence. ‘I feel like a fucking teenager!’

‘Once my Prince…’ She said before kissing him the way he liked.


Nice to meet you too!
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