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Hot in here, but there's no news...
While it's freezing up there in lovely New York, it's toasty down here.

Not easy to find stamina do work, much less leave the AC in the morning. yesterday it was amazingly 32°C at 10PM!!!

To cool us down, let's take a hike to...

mr darcy mr noble


Boyfriend #1
Justin Kimble ,  AGE TWELVE
page 40

"Aunt Saffronia took the  basket. “Lovely!  I will  give them the chef and we shall see  what  splendid  treat  he  can  make  out  of  them.  You  must  stay  for  dinner,  Amelia.  I insist.” 

“Thank you, I will.” 

Jane and Miss Charming exchanged frowns. 

The  four  ladies  sat  and  chatted,  or  mostly  Miss  Heartwright  and  Aunt  Saffronia chatted  while  Jane  and  her  unhappy  ally  listened,  glumly  plucking  at  their  embroidery. 

But among her other qualities, Miss Heartwright was also generous in her attentions. 

“Miss Erstwhile, do you enjoy novels?” 

“I do, yes. "

“I know they are naughty things, but I devour novels.  The Castle of Otronto had me in chills.” 

“Yes, how can I forget that giant helmet?” Jane had done her homework on gothic romances  a  few  years  ago,  thank  goodness,  in  an  attempt  to  appreciate   Northanger  Abbey.  “But  Mrs.  Radcliffe’s  writings  are  my  favorite,  particularly   The  Mysteries  of  Udolpho.” 

Miss  Heartwright  clapped  her  hands  with  delight.  “Wonderful!  We’ll  have  so much to talk about. I hope you will call on the cottage often during your stay.” 

Jane  was  spared  an  answer  when  the  maid  announced  that  the  gentlemen  had returned from the fields. 

“Show them in, thank you,” Aunt Saffronia said.

The gentlemen entered, looking smart in their sporting attire, rough and handsome in  grays  and  browns,  redolent  of  grass  and animals.  Jane  stood  before  them,  thinking about  whether  an  1816  woman  would  arise  for  men,  and  then  fumbled  her embroidery, sending it to the ground. Colonel Andrews bent to pick it up. On his breath she caught a whiff of tobacco, which only slightly damaged the pleasing effect of his charming smile up close."


Ah... gentlemen and cigars...
hot rio chick mr darcy is sexy

March, 11th - Update 
Just watched the movie! It's better! It's fun!

Ha! Funny, huh?

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