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I've just finished Dan Brown's last book and I'd like to talk about it. Shall we?
hot rio chick dan brown

There are plenty of reviews on Google, I don't want to venture in these waters. I'm no good in reviews and suffer with some on my books. What I want to talk about is how different and similar it is to 'Da Vinci Code'.
hot rio chick dan brown
Hercule, Diomedes and the penile grip

The Da Vinci was the first Dan Brown I read and loved. The chase throughout Paris and the old theory on Jesus got me. I read it non-stop to the last word, even though I knew the outcome - a bit predictable but fun anyway.

Then I tried 'Angels and demons' and hated it. I felt let down... I even tried another, the one about a lab in the Smithonian or something... didn't finish.

Now I gave Mr. Brown a chance with 'Inferno' and liked it... in spite of the many many many interruptions. Let me explain: when Langdon and Sienna pass by the statue of Hercules and Diomedes at the Hall of 500, I don't need to read about the history behind it if it's not connected to the action.
hot rio chick dan brown
The horses at Saint Mark is a welcomed bit of history, but every little tiny detail on the Piazza they cross in a sprint... well, no. My new Darcy and Lizzy stroll Venice in a very different situation, they are courting each other and not running from a black army and I hope against hope my readers don't get overdistracted by minute descriptions of the fabulous scenery.

The Da Vinci code seemed more fluent with less interruptions - or is it the way I remember it? I got the impression that without these many flourished touristic info, the book would have 300pages and would flow easily.

I found on Google this cool multi media guide to all the million places and art work mentioned. It can be tricky without this aid. And it has a link to a zoomable Boticelli's Map.

All things considered, for me, Inferno was good fun.
What did you think?

hot rio chick dan brown


Dan Brown

Chapter 10
page 40

“Okay … I guess that beats ‘I am Vishnu, destroyer of worlds.’ ”

  The young woman had just quoted Robert Oppenheimer at the moment he tested the first atomic bomb.

  “And this beak-nosed … green-eyed mask?” Sienna said, looking puzzled. “Do you have any idea why your mind might have conjured that image?”

  “No idea at all, but that style of mask was quite common in the Middle Ages.” Langdon paused. “It’s called a plague mask.”

  Sienna looked strangely unnerved. “A plague mask?”

  Langdon quickly explained that in his world of symbols, the unique shape of the long-beaked mask was nearly synonymous with the Black Death—the deadly plague that swept through Europe in the 1300s, killing off a third of the population in some regions. Most believed the “black” in Black Death was a reference to the darkening of the victims’ flesh through gangrene and subepidermal hemorrhages, but in fact the word black was a reference to the profound emotional dread that the pandemic spread through the population.

  “That long-beaked mask,” Langdon said, “was worn by medieval plague doctors to keep the pestilence far from their nostrils while treating the infected. Nowadays, you only see them worn as costumes during Venice Carnevale—an eerie reminder of a grim period in Italy’s history.”

  “And you’re certain you saw one of these masks in your visions?” Sienna asked, her voice now tremulous. “A mask of a medieval plague doctor?”

  Langdon nodded. A beaked mask is hard to mistake.

  Sienna was knitting her brow in a way that gave Langdon the sense she was trying to figure out how best to give him some bad news. “And the woman kept telling you to ‘seek and find’?”

  “Yes. Just as before. But the problem is, I have no idea what I’m supposed to seek.”

  Sienna let out a long slow breath, her expression grave. “I think I may know. And what’s more … I think you may have already found it.”

  Langdon stared. “What are you talking about?!”

  “Robert, last night when you arrived at the hospital, you were carrying something unusual in your jacket pocket. Do you recall what it was?"

Really intriguing...
As inriguing as this sunken palace...
hot rio chick dan brown

  see ya!

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