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segunda-feira, 9 de dezembro de 2013

Christmas giveaway


Every year I join my Darcy friends in a Christmas Cards Swap. Twenty plus cards fly around the world back and forth carrying happy Austenian wishes of a better New year and a warm Christmas. 

Not that we need any wish for a warm Christmas here in Rio... It's already 37°C + and Summer only starts next week...

Anyway, look what I already got from  Argentina and USA:

roupa de caneca sorteio

Usually I buy a simple card and write a heartfelt message but my Darcy friends always send me lovely hand made cards or nice recipes for cookies or brownies... #ashamedOfMyLazyCards

This year I decided to try harder and...
I made a Christmas token! 
Lovely  mug warmers: a small sweet blanket to wrap around your favorite mug both to make it even nicer and to help keep your tea (or coffe) warm for a little while longer. All hand painted and embroidered (tsk, tsk) pour moi.

mug warmer giveaway

I really liked the final outcome... It took me a week to craft all the 20+ warmers... 
Did you like it?

sorteio roupa de caneca
Would you like to have one
with our adored JANE AUSTEN's profile embroidered?

My dear Nat from Cantinho Literário joined me in this giveaway... Do try!


-this is Raffle giveaway
-Winner will have 2 days to mail address and name to  natalcantarachagas@yahoo.com.br. Otherwise, we'll pick another winner.
-We won't accept fake or promotional profiles.
-Results on Christmas' Eve - Dec 24, 2013 both here and on Nat's blog.

Good luck! And merry Christmas!!!!!

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