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45 days in Europe with Mr. Darcy

Hello, hello!

Yes, yes! It's finally published!

My lovely, funny, sweet, smutty Pride and Prejudice linear adaptation is available!
pride and prejudice hot rio chick

Tots adorbs, right?

I had a lot of fun writing it, thinking like a 20 years old right when I'm turning 40... Oh myyy...

Anyways, to celebrate my new book launching and my impending old age, I'm starting the 40 PAGES 40 posting. It's nothing 'new' but fun anyway.

Beginning with my new book, I'll post the 40th page of my favorite books. Interesting, right?

Here we go...

45 days in Europe with Mr. Darcy
page 40 (paperback edition) 

Chapter 2 
hot rio chick

"‘Yes. Rio was the capital until early 1960’s when Brasília was built. Anyway, back at the nineteenth century, Rio had an impossible weather for the European court. On the way to visit the gold and gems exploration sights they had to cross a few mountains and Dom Pedro frequently stayed at a nobleman’s farm up the hills. The weather was much more agreeable and with time he bought one of the farms making it the imperial retreat and then a few others until his son, also Peter only the second, founded his city. Around 1840 if I remember it right.’

Jane nodded. ‘1843.’ She said.

‘Petrópolis is ‘the city of Peter’.’ Darcy said still tasting the sweetness in his tongue.

‘Exactly!’ Lizzy smiled pointing at him. ‘Peter the second built a miniature of Paris with Palaces, a Cristal opera house, a gothic church. Many noblemen had summer houses there as well. The weather is like… ten degrees cooler than Rio in the summer, right Jane?’

‘Oh, yes!’ Jane sighed.

‘That’s why the Europeans choose the mountains, like our father and our mother’s parents before him. Teresópolis - named after the Empress Teresa, Nova Friburgo… most cities around the area have big European communities.’ Lizzy shrugged before eating some more pie.

Darcy was entranced by the tale laden with historic facts, or rather by how she told it with so little affectation. He thought that maybe seeing a Brazilian mini version of Paris might even be interesting, in some exotic curious way, of course.

Just as Bingley stayed close to Jane, somehow Darcy managed to stay close to Lizzy most of the time. She thought he was probably playing wing man for Bingley who she could see was infatuated and that Jane was letting herself get involved by him. She was all small smiles and shy looks, which were a clear sign that Jane was falling in love.

Jane always fell with all her heart before getting to know the guy and ended up hurt. That was one of the biggest differences between the sisters. Lizzy was always skeptical while Jane was credulous. Charles seemed to be a nice guy, very polite and pleasant but still, Jane didn’t know much about him.

And there was the sister Caroline, the one who was obviously gay but, for whatever reason, pretended not to be. One of Lizzy’s friends, Fernanda, even tried to get closer to her - and judging by how much Caroline sent her long lasting looks, she was almost sure it was a done deal. " 

See ya soon!

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