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quarta-feira, 12 de dezembro de 2012

Billet doux

Hi there!

I'm broadcasting today from the hottest town in the world.

I bet you thought hot = sexy, right?

Nah!... Summer didn't even start yet and we're facing 40ºC! If you can't spend your day at the beach, it's brutal!

Thank God for the air conditioner!

But today's inspiration is hot. Hot = sexy. I love to mix and match...

Yesterday evening Huff Post sent me a note about a controversy with a Teacher and her novel. If Huff post tells me to read something, I do. I hate to disappoint them. Of course I clicked and BAM!  
I'm in love!

Schooled is such a funny, sexy, nice entertainement! That's what I wanted my Friendship of a special kind to be.

I'm loving it. Am on chappy seven and devourng it. It's just like Fifty Shades of Grey only... fun!

It brought to my mind (Don´t now why...) a movie I used to watch when I was a teenager... A Secret Admirer who sent billet doux to the loved one and said note was read by several people causing a comotion... Lovely chick flick... 

So, since it's Wednesday and I'm in love with a book, what more enticing than love letters?
See how I played with words? Letters in the book, letters by mail... I'm such a genius! :P

des Billets Doux

 A sexy name for such a thrill... It can be cute, loving, sexy, naughty...

I'm now on the unhappy task of editing my new story - can I say 'novel'? *grin* - and it's all about naughty and sexy and loving.... 
And there are some billet doux involved.

A sneak peek?

sexy story fanfic hot
This billet doux starts such a problem...

And a Friendship of a special kind love letter?
hot rio chick sexy text messages cell phone iphone text
Sexy love notes and teasing by phone...

 And from Schooled ?
hot rio chick sexy texts cell phone
Very enticing, right? Am loving this book.

How about some famous love letters ?

sexy love letter list of her best things
A #1, a#4, a 2-2-7, then 8-10-3-3-9...

sexy note
I believe I can fly, I believe I can touch the sky...

marlon brando seducing women
WHO could resist this???

billet doux elvis presley
A little less conversation, A LOT MORE action, please...


Inspiration enough? Maybe some Mr D too?

hot rio chick love letter
Mr D is THE MAN!

Now you know what to ask Santa to bring you in two weeks, don't ya?


I found this amazing site with the original famous love letters I posted here. Check it.
Mr Presley's billet doux is here.
If you want some nice stationary to pen your own love, check this one out.
Images found on Google, I only put someone else's words to paper.
Dear  Mrs Bright, I'm loving your book. Sorry if I spoiled some of the delicious Janelle+Briggs texts.

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