& Moira Bianchi: 9 ways to live Pride and Prejudiciously - chapter 5 _ PART II

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9 ways to live Pride and Prejudiciously - chapter 5 _ PART II

hi, there.

The funny thing about JAFF is that we can play taking the characters a bit too far here and there, maybe a little off center if the story lines asks for it. In this one, Darcy is so cryptic, right?

But don't lose your faith in him! Or me...

Have you?
Oh, dear...

Let's read the last part, shall we?

Nine ways to live Pride and Prejudiciously
WIP, modern (mostly), adult (you know me...), fun, fluff, heart healing stuff.
read chapter 5 PART I

II-Big fish, difficult catch _ PART II

        From the rainy night on, Lizzy decided to ignore Darcy and his abuse. Whatever he thought or said didn’t exist to her, the prize would go to whomever the audience chose, so the best she could do was enjoy the ride. In fact, it was all she could do.

He seemed even more upset with her spontaneity; at times, the man was a caged beast pacing inside a cell. Even though he pretended to be as strongly opinionated as ever, he was different after the altercation in the deck. No one knew why or how much, but the huge handsome man did keep more to himself until the big final arrived and there were only three left: Darcy, Lizzy and Fred.

'In the Island' is a reality TV show of 16 beautiful young people isolated in a paradise like island in the Caribbean with the task of renovating a small hotel and caring for its animals. The opening said showing ‘before and after’ images of the renovated rooms. Only 3 left, it’s up to you at home to vote on the big winner of the 3 million dollars prize!

Since Anne left the day before yesterday, Lizzy and Darcy have declared truce. The disembodied voice said showing how the three remaining competitors paced the living room waiting to be called to the big deck for the live show. She has cooked for the two men, baked a cake and they even had a meal together!

‘What an improvement, huh?’ The host appeared on screen. ‘The Neanderthal guy helped the cute girl pack her stuff, carried her trunk, was a real gentleman the whole day. I could swear he was trying to say something to her, but my director disagrees. Can we show the folks at home, boss?’ He pretended to surprise the production team. ‘Oh, come on… Just that bit- Right! Watch this, folks!’

A cute video clip of Darcy and Lizzy started showing how he watched her when she was distracted, was almost always close to her and at times smiled while she laughed. As Ed Sheeran sang Shape of you, the couple played a swift cat-and-mouse game of shy smiles and doubtful looks. It was all designed to let the audience think that if they had a few days more, they’d end up together.

‘Keep voting at home, the decision is in your hands!’ The host urged the audience. ‘Don’t forget!’

No one forgot that, but people were also busy tweeting and commenting how he manipulated the girl as the competition neared the end.

#DarcyKnowsBest and #LizzyIsTheBoss alternated as the top trend hashtag, along with #EnoughHarassment. Sponsors loved the response, they all made big bucks that season: the network loved Darcy and Lizzy’s energy more than anyone did. Fred Wentworth was just dead weight in the final.

‘Hello, guys? Lizzy, Fred, William?’ The host called out and in the renovated living room the finalists looked up at the speakers as if the man was in the ceiling too. ‘Time’s up! We’re waiting for you here in the deck! Come see who wants to greet you…’

Lizzy skipped a step, she was so nervous that when Darcy tried to hold her wrist to say something, she shook him off. The last few days he decided to be a nice guy didn’t erase the three months being a jerk and she was so close to go home…

It all passed in a blur.

In a moment they arrived at the highly illuminated deck, Lizzy was engulfed in her parent’s hug, blinding lights prevented her of seeing the entire cast but her mother’s whisper arrived clear is Lizzy’s ear: ‘Internet polls say Darcy will win.’

She could have wasted time dwelling on how the jerk could win over Fred who was an adorable guy or her who had been a victim most of the time, but the show was fast tracked and she was mesmerized by the recaps on the big screen.

And a moment later – in fact it was more than an hour into the live transmission – the host called the three finalists to the center of the stage to read his rehearsed speech from the teleprompter.

Blah-blah-blah about endurance and strength and strategic playing and… ‘The winner of this season is a most deserving person, someone who can speak most decidedly what comes to mind without fear of defending the ideas that sometimes are quite… edgy.’ He paused for drama. ‘So, the winner of The island is… Lizzy Bennett!’

Her heart stopped, she felt air escape her lungs.

‘Who?’ Lizzy frowned. ‘Me?’ She looked at the three men on stage.

‘Of course you.’ She saw Darcy’s lips move. ‘That’s the whole point.’

‘What?’ She shouted.

Then came arms around her, she was tackled, carried in the air, confetti, music, champagne.

Only four hours later he saw her again. Not where he’d like to meet the enticing girl, it was in the very dark and loud club the whole cast and crew gathered to celebrate the end of the season.

Darcy was still a bit dizzy with all the attention he got once the airing ended; his sister showed him the social media accounts and introduced the public relations team. Turned out the big prize was irrelevant to him, there were already too many merchandising and VIP presence contracts waiting for his approval that’d give him twice the amount the show gave Lizzy.

He’d see to that in the following days, first he needed to talk to her without cameras following them all the time. He craved that, there was too much to be said and heard - as he saw it.


‘Huh?’ She frowned in the middle of the dance floor.

‘I’d like to talk to you.’ He smiled.

‘No, thanks.’

‘Excuse me?’

‘Haven’t you assaulted me enough?’

Darcy frowned, shook his head tilting it down to try to hear her. ‘What?’

‘I said, leave me alone!’ She snorted. ‘Jerk!’

‘I need to talk to you, have to explain why I chose that way to give you the prize.’ He pressed a smile in answer to the funny face she pulled. ‘Please.’ He held her arm and pointed at the balcony.

Lizzy shook her arm free but walked in the general direction he pointed. ‘Speak.’ She barked when they arrived where she could hear her own voice. Over his shoulder, she could see other people interested in their conversation.

‘Congratulations!’ He gave her a charming smile.

She nodded.

‘I knew you would win.’


‘You were the best competitor; I saw it from the beginning.’

‘I’m a big catch, big fish, whatever.’

Darcy raised his brows. ‘You heard me?’ She shrugged. ‘I meant it as a compliment.’

‘I don’t think so. You said it with contempt as you treated me these last three and a half months. I endured your harassment and assault with politeness but I’m not obliged to do it anymore. I may as well send you to hell right now.’

‘Calm down, babe.’

‘Don’t babe me!’ She raised her voice.

He raised his hands. ‘Sorry. I apologize if I went over the line at times, it was necessary to make sure people saw your value. You’re such a great girl, so beautiful and funny. I couldn’t just date you, the rakes of the cast had noticed your charms too, a simple male pissing game would make you cheap. The best way to defend and put you on good term with the audience at the same time was to act as if I wasn’t at all moved.’

She blinked and blinked and blinked for a few moments. ‘But you were?’ An adorable frown. ‘Moved by me?’

‘I’m in love with you, babe.’ He smiled. ‘Of course you noticed. Half the internet is talking about it.’

‘You’re pulling my leg!’ Lizzy shook her head and tried to pass him by. ‘Jerk, super jerk!’

‘Hey!’ He held her arm again. ‘Wait, we have a lot to talk.’

‘No, we don’t!’ She again shook her arm but this time he didn’t let go. ‘This is bullshit! You hate me, even called me a whore!’

‘I most certainly didn’t.’

‘Just did now!’

‘Quite the opposite.’

‘I heard you when you said I had better means to loot easy money.’

‘By dating me, I have money.’

‘Damn you.’ She pushed him. ‘Let me go!’

‘Now we don’t have any more cameras following us, babe. We can be together, can say how much we want each other.’ He smiled lovingly and tried to hug her.

Lizzy pushed his chest with more force. ‘Don’t dare touching me.’

He stopped.

‘I hate you, you’re a jerk. If you have money, you had nothing to do in a reality show with people who did need and want that money. These last months you made my life a living hell, I want you to disappear.’ There was fierceness in her voice. ‘I’m not kidding, don’t misunderstand me. You are the last man on Earth I’d date. I never ever will go out with you.’

As she left him alone in the balcony, Darcy sadly realized there were cameras on them,  cell phones from people attending the party.

‘What can you be doing?’ Georgiana gushed entering the hotel suite living room at eight in morning. ‘It’s so early, I thought you’d still be in bed after sleeping with so many roommates for so long!’

Her brother groaned. ‘I’ll go soon, are you leaving?’ Darcy said without raising his eyes from the laptop.


‘Hang a ‘do not disturb’ sign, will you?’ He asked. ‘And when you return, make sure the envelope I’ll leave at the table reach Lizzy.’

‘Lizzy the winner?’



‘I need to explain a few things to her.’

‘In paper, like a letter?’ Georgiana asked horrified. ‘Why don’t you send it to her by e-mail, instant message, private mail or something?’

That caught his attention. ‘How do I find out her contacts?’

‘Social media?’ The sister rolled her eyes.

‘She won’t accept my friendship request.’

‘She doesn’t need to, only needs to accept the messages exchange.’

He groaned thinking it was the same. ‘Right. Go work out, Georgiana.’

When she did leave, he considered that sending it to her online was a little more secure than sending a letter that could easily end up in the wrong hands.

All he had to do was try.

It took Lizzy two months to notice Darcy’s request to private messaging because she now was famous, had thousands of followers, appeared in many TV shows and parties.

Once she did notice his name and the date his request was sent, she needed two more weeks to gather interest to read whatever it was he wanted to say.

After reading it, she was floored. So astonished, she didn’t know what to do and decided to not do anything. ‘Let time tell.’ The new millionaire whispered to herself, heart pounding.

‘Hey, hey, hey!’ The TV show gushed hopping in front of the camera. ‘Good night and welcomed to Late night at home with the stars.’ She paused to hear the audience applaud. ‘Tonight we’ll have many guests including the last ‘In the Island’ winner, Lizzy Bennett!’ More applauds, some cheering. ‘She is a dear, that’s for sure. She is about to start a career as special reporter for a famous show searching interesting facts in university life!’ Applauds and cheers again. ‘And we’ll have big surprises for her tonight!...’ She fake whispered to the camera in a conniving smile. ‘Please welcome Lizzy, folks!’
Lizzy entered from the side doors looking very cute in ripped jeans and a white off shoulder ruffle crop top that looked very chic with her high heels and big smile. ‘Hi! Thanks for having me!’

‘It’s our pleasure, honey!’ The girl gushed. ‘This show loves you, don’t we?’ The host asked and the audience went wild. ‘For six months we’ve been trying to lure you in, but you never find time for us…’ A pout.

‘I know!’ Lizzy laughed. ‘It’s been crazy! There’s so much to do, commitments, places to go, fans!...’


Lizzy laughed again. ‘Yes, parties!’

‘Tell me how are you spending all that cash!’ The host pointed the big sofa and the two girls sat on their legs talking as if there wasn’t a big audience or cameras and crew in front of them.

‘Didn’t have a chance to start yet.’

The audience made a sad sound.

‘I’ve been so busy… But I decided that at least half of the money will go to a fund to help people through school. I can offer low loan rates, scholarships and such. It’s not much, I know, but I want to do it.’

‘I think it’s great.’


‘And have you been in touch with the other contestants?’

Lizzy pulled a face, shook her head, mind in a quick trip to a certain jerk and back. ‘Not really. But I do bump into the girls at parties. I’d like to meet a few of them more often, though.’

‘Who for example?’ The host insisted bringing a mug to her lips. The show was supposed to fake a small apartment where she hosted friends to chat, so she was at home.

In a slow shoulder lift, Lizzy tried to avoid answering. ‘I spent a lot of time with them and suddenly, boom! Hardly see their faces.’ But the other girl kept a sassy look pressing for a straighter answer. ‘Some people I left edges to trim.’

‘Ah!...’ A grin. ‘I do have something for you to see…’

‘Really?’ Lizzy felt a weird twist in her stomach. That show had big audience; the PR people pointed by the network to help her seemed to be deliberately delaying her participation for some reason. She was probably about to find out why.

‘We have exclusive images of the last ‘In the island’ season, something only the lucky people who had pay-per-view and were very smart noticed…’ The host grinned.

‘Should I be afraid?’


‘Guess not.’ The host giggled. ‘I think you’ll love to see this… Twitter has been discussing these images as an urban legend for the last six months and now we´ll make it clear.’

‘Oh, dear…’ Lizzy groaned.


The studio went dark, a big screen appeared at the back of the living room and Lizzy’s face appeared. It was the first day of ‘In the island’, she was happy and a bit keyed up; shortly after she was making friends with everybody except Darcy. From then on, the video clip was centered on them. The fights, the attacks and… A plethora of things Lizzy had absolutely no idea he did for her: cleaning the shells from the shore before she took her runs, preparing the tools she’d need to accomplish her share of the renovation work, collecting clothes she forgot drying out, picking her favorite fruits from the orchard.

When the lights dimmed back, she had shining eyes.

His words from the private message swam in her head: I’m in love with you, it was an act, I wanted the audience to notice you.

‘Surprised?’ The host whispered.

‘Astonished.’ Lizzy whispered back.

‘What would you say to him? Maybe he is watching, the show is live you know…’

The fact that the audience was completely silent didn’t seem weird to Lizzy.

‘I’d say a million things. There’s so much to ask and to adjust and maybe I could ask him out…’

‘I will say yes.’ Came the rich voice and the audience exploded in cheers.

Lizzy turned, almost bumped her nose in his chest for he was very close and jumped to hug his shoulder.

‘I’m sorry.’ He whispered hugging her back, very strongly. ‘I thought you understood me and played along so we both could be among the finalists.’

‘I hated you.’

‘I adored you since the beginning.’

‘Can we talk?’

‘We can be together.’ He moved his head to reach her lips. ‘If you want.’

‘I do.’

An inch to touch lips, he noticed cameras and used his hands to hide her face for enough moments to share a quick kiss. ‘I hate cameras.’ He breathed, she giggled. ‘Let’s go.’

As the couple tried to leave the stage, the host held Lizzy’s hand and the girl stood stretched to the cheering of the audience both in the studio and at home. Internet was wild with the hashtag #DarcyAndLizzyForever.

‘Wait!’ The host complained. ‘The interview is not over!’

‘Yes, it is.’ Darcy barked.

‘No, Mr. Darcy.’ The host stomped and inadvertently knocked the side table. The black mug tumbled and fell on the floor breaking in several pieces.


Bertha opened her eyes slowly and sighed smiling from ear to ear.

That had been a funny one.

Reality TV, ha!

Pity she woke up in that part… She had the sensation of what was in the letter, but wanted to hear the handsome man explain why he had made her feel so aggravated. And excited – if she was being honest with herself. His arms felt wonderful, she could easily get lost in those…

What they could do alone without cameras, huh?

The next ten minutes Bertha spent thinking about having a full dose of the magical tea.


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