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segunda-feira, 20 de abril de 2015


In Portuguese, there is a saying such as this: 'whomever steps in the rain is prone to get wet.' My friends from 'English experts' suggest a nice alternative in 'If you cannot take the heat, get out of the kitchen.'

And well, as I've been posting my much loved (by me) HRH The PRINCE of PEMBERLEY as you know, I got this sad excuse for a review:

'I just came across this story and I am a little upset. I started a story over on AHA back in February 2014 with a very similar premise. With the exception that my E and D were college sweethearts who break up and get back together 20 years later. We will have to see where this goes.'

Upset... Darcy and Elizabeth haven't even started to do things to upset anyone... Believe me, they will. 

My Answer (sadly to anyone enjoying my Prince of Pemberley)

I'm not sure if I was accused of plagiarism yesterday on a review, if 'We will have to see where this goes' was a threat or just a wondering, but I feel I need to make it clear that this story is not derived from anyone else's. There are (as always) some personal bits although this is not a biography and (also as always) the very first idea for this story was posted and thoroughly discussed on my blog moirabianchi.com. As for AHA, I sadly found out that it's too 'mainstream for me' years ago and it's been a very very very long while since I've been there.
I have no problem acknowledging the books and authors - both mainstream and fanfic - that inspire me. In my blog, anyone can find several lists of these works. Actually, when I start a new story, or even just edit one, I stop reading romance novels altogether afraid to copy without the intention and fail to mention who or what influenced me. When I registered this story on Brazil's Copyright main office last december, the few works cited aside from P&P such as Victor Hugo's Les Mis and the songs the characters sing, are also listed as inspirational works.
In other words, this story that took me a whole year to wrap, is not in any account inspired or copied from anyone else's work besides Ms Jane Austen's.
This person who posted this sad review didn't try to contact me in these last 12 hours or so (I waited for this contact on PM, Facebook, Blog, Pinterest, Smoke signs, etc) , therefore, I can't either find out what upset him/her so much in this lovely love story, neither report abuse to FFnet. In fact, this is the most appealing detail about FFnet in my POV- freedom. Anyone can post anything, even if it's just empty rambling.
I'm sorry all of you had to read this instead of another chapter - and the next one is pivoting. I'll probably delete this later so it won't damage your enjoyment.
Hoping to have made things CRISTAL CLEAR about this issue, I can only ask you guys to forgive this outburst.

Live and let live, right?
E beijinho no ombro! ;)"

Beijinho no ombro pro recalque passar longe
Beijinho no ombro só pras invejosas de plantão
Beijinho no ombro só quem fecha com o bonde
Beijinho no ombro só quem tem disposição

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